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    Default Which City?

    I'll be buying my airline tickets soon. Does it make any difference which Jamaican airport is used?

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    Which resort are you staying at? If it is one on the Ocho side then it is not a big deal but if it is in Negril then you def want a flight into Montego Bay.

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    Use Montego Bay as your airport to arrive and depart. Couples provides free transportation to all four of their resorts from that airport. If you were to choose Kingston you would have to provide your own transportation to your hotel

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    there are manly 2 airports mo bay and kingston. TRavel to negril and ochi from kingston is probably 2-3 times longer after getting off the plane. So chances are 99% of the time you will look to land in mo bay

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    MoBay (Sangster) has the Couples lounge and shuttle.

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    Yes - ground transportation that's provided by the resort is out of Montego Bay (call letters MBJ).

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    Montego Bay, as that's the one they run the free shuttles from.

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    You'll need to fly into Montego Bay to take advantage of Couples complimentary shuttle service.
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    Fly into Montego Bay. Couples Lounge is there and you will be transported to your resort of choice.

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    YES!! You want to go into Montego Bay NOT Kingston!!!!

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    If you want a ride on the Couples provided transportation you need to fly into Montego Bay (MBJ).


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    You need to go to Montego Bay for transportation included with your Couples reservation. If you fly to Kingston transportation would be at your own expense and might be difficult.

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    Thank you all for the prompt responses! Montego Bay it is! And, yes, in the excitement of composing my original posting I forgot to mention that we'll be staying at CTI. Sorry about that. [We're excited about the trip!]

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