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    Default swim up bar at cti??

    Is there a swim up bar on the main island or just on the nude island? I only ask becuase my wife and I are not really into the whole anautrel thing and were really excited about the swim up bar at CTI?

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    The new pool @ CTI has a great swim-up bar

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    There is two swim up bars.... one on the Island and one at the main resort. The one at the main resort is brand new and was just installed during the renovations.

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    Default Swimup Bar

    There is a swimup bar at the activities pool at CTI. Check out the map and panoramic views at the Couples Tower Isle tab on this website. We hope to book this week for the end of September.

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    Yes, there is a swim-up bar on the main island.

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    The new pool on the main land has a swim up bar. You will be all set. Have fun.

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    Yes, there is a swim up bar on the main island. It was pretty quiet while we were there in January, but I hear that a lot of the time it is the place to be to meet new people. You will enjoy CTI very much, have a great time!

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    Yes, there is a new swim up bar at the main resort area. It is pictured on the CTI site. Very nice!

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    Yes there is a swim up bar in the main resort.

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    CTI main resort area swim up bar at night.
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    Nice pic awesome!!

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