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    i have read a few post concerning a direct flight on american out of ohare. i cant seem to find this flight. can someone give me the flight numbers and times. i tried online and it didnt come up. thanks.

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    We flew out of ORD in July on AA - it was a Sunday flight. I believe the non-stop AA flights are Saturdays and Sundays. Of course this can change at different times of the year. USA3000 also offers a non-stop flight to Jamaica out of Chicago. I think they fly on Sundays also but not sure about other days of the week. Our outgoing flight with AA was flight #843 and returning was flight #844.

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    Depart Sun Aug 15 2010
    American Airlines
    Flight 843 Departs: 8:30a
    O'Hare Inter*national (ORD) Arrives: 12:35p
    Sangster Intl (MBJ)

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    You did not specify a date, so I picked a random Saturday in December (when we typically travel). Here is what I found.

    American Airlines Flight AA843 on a Boeing 737 (jet) in coach class(food for purchase, movie)
    Departs Chicago, IL (ORD) Sat, Dec 4 8:10a 3 hrs 55 min
    Arrives Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) 1:05p

    American Airlines Flight AA844 on a Boeing 737 (jet) in coach class (food for purchase, movie)
    Departs Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) Sat, Dec 11 2:15p 4 hrs 45 min
    Arrives Chicago, IL (ORD) 6:00p
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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