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    Default CSA/CN pool questions

    We're considering these 2 resorts in Negril for a vacation after Thanksgiving. We spend our time split between beach and pool, but the pool is very important to us. I have a couple questions about the pools at these resorts:

    1. What can we expect for pool water temperature in late Nov or early Dec? We know people like "refreshing" pools, but I will only use the pool if it's on the warm side. I can't stand cold pools.

    2. Are the pools big enough to lounge around on the floats without bumping into tons of people?

    3. How easy is it to find and secure a shady spot by the pool.

    For reference, we've been to other all-inclusive resorts, but never a Couples. Thanks.

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    If the pool will be your focal point, then CN is the place for you. The main pool is the biggest of all Couple's resorts. It's beautiful. The pools are not heated, but the only time they tend to get a bit chilly are those rare instances when there's been several cloudy days in a row.
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    Here are 2 pics of the pool at CN. It was never crowded except when we played pool volleyball.

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    The pool at CN is large....however, check the beach; it is the most beautiful beach I have ever been too. The sand is soft, sugar white and the water is calm, warm and so beautifully blue. Amazing!!! Only 98 days to go!!!

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    We were at CSA Nov 5 -12, 2009 and it did rain a lot one day off and on, the 7th, which was our wedding day. It was some outter storms from Ike that were blowing through. But didn't damper anything, just delays. The rest of the days were beautiful. There may have been a rain shower that lasted about 10 mins or so on another day, but to be honest I don't remember.

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    OOPS, I think I responded to wrong posting, sorry :-(

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    Having been to both CN & CSA and also ones to split beach & pool time, I would definitely take the pool at CN over CSA.
    We found the pool with the swim up bar at CSA very confining on our first day and because of that we spent any other pool time at the other pool at the north end. There were many times we had the pool to ourselves during the day which was nice.
    The pool at CN is great for just floating around and it was rarely crowded, mainly due to it's massive size. It's also nice and easy to get a drink. We also preferred the more intimate size of CN over CSA overall. CSA is beautiful but it is also bigger with twice the rooms as CN.
    Only about 275 days left to CN!!!

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    My husband and I hav been to CN 4 times. We love the pool. It is big enough to lounge, play volley ball and just swim around. We did do the trading places program this past April. I thouhgt the pool at CSA was a bit smaller, which makes it more crowded.
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    Haven't been to CN, but I thought I should post a positive about the pools at CSA. The south pool with the swim up bar is not huge, but nice size and has a very cool water fall feature near the swim up bar. We were always able to float with no problems with being crowded. Late afternoons it tends to pick up with folks around the bar and on the deck, but never felt crowded really, just lively. We always enjoyed the atmosphere. There are a few umbrellas and there will be shade in the afternoon from the palm trees and the roof of the swim up bar. The grill is also next to the pool so snacks or lunch is very close by. We would sometimes order our lunch and walk it over to the pool to eat at the swim up bar. Pretty cool.

    The north pool is less used. This is where the scuba classes are held in the morning. Afternoons it is quiet and usually only has a couple or two either floating or swimming with a few folks sunning on the deck. More foot traffic in the area than anything else as it is adjacent to the Palms restaurant and bar. There are patio umbrellas on this pool deck that, along with the trees, will provide the shade you seek through out most of the day. Seagrapes is only steps away from this pool for fresh smoothies, lunch or snacks during the day.

    Of course the beach is immediately adjacent to both pools. Step off the deck and you are on the beach.

    Then there is also the lap pool over at the sports complex. This is the largest of the pools at CSA the one best suited for "swimming". Great for doing some work out laps or just hanging out for some quiet time in the sun with a pool to cool off in. The health bar is right inside the sports complex next to the pool. This is probably the least used pool and thus is great for pool-side reading or a little solitude, if that is what you are looking for at any time.

    We love the pool/beach set up at CSA. Looking forward to hanging out again next June!

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    This last April my husband and I spent a week at CN and a week at CSA and if being honest I found the pool at CSA to be disappointing. The resort itself is beautiful and I absolutely loved our time there but if pool life is important to you then I would highly recommend CN! It is all things a carribean pool should be...beautiful, tropical, warm, fun, beachside, and has a great vibe! In my opinion, the beach is equally as beautiful as that of CSA. In a nutshell, you will not be disappointed in the beach at CN, but you could be disapppointed in the pool at CSA. Hope this helps! I did post a very detailed review when we returned from our split stay back in April which very specifically outlines the differences in regard to all aspects of these two fabulous resorts which you may find helpful! Enjoy your stay, you will have the time of your life regardless of which resort you choose!

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    I really love the pool by the Palms at CSA because it is never busy and it is a mineral pool. It is awesome. It is really relaxing since there is never a crowd. It is right by the beach too so its like being at the beach without the salt water. The other pool has the swim up bar so it is a lot busier. I like the infinity edge of that pool but the concept of it flowing into the ocean is sort of lost since there is a bar between the ocean and the pool. The CN pool looks really nice too but we have not been there.

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    I don't know if you have considered this, but there's a free Couples bus you can take from CSA to spend most of a day (10 AM - 4 PM)at CN. We did this because we had previously vacationed at CN and wanted to see it again. It turned out to be a fun day.

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