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    Default Oct 18-25, '10. Whos comin??

    My fiancee and i are wondering who wants to come hang out and help celebrate our wedding on the 20th of October. if you are experienced in the CTI ways then we could definitely use some guidance!! we are looking to have a great time... i know that it would be almost impossible not to but.... holla if y'all will be around or have any great advice for us new lovers!!!

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    Mikez, My soon to be hubby and I are there the same time frame. We are newbies too but if ya wanna meet up we are all for it. Our wedding day is Oct 17th near Tampa, Fl )
    Congrads to you!
    Buddy is My Life, My Heart, My Soul!

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    That sounds great!!! Congrats to you too! We can toast our weddings together for sure! We cant wait!!!

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