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    Default CN-In Suite Dining

    This is taken from the "Dining & Restaurants" section under the Couples Negril tab on the Couples Home Page...

    In Suite dinning:
    for guest staying in Garden Suites or Beachfront Suites special in-room dining menu is offered. Dinner can be served between 6:30pm and 9:00pm and must be ordered one day in advance

    For those of you who have stayed in a Suite recently,

    Is this still being done?
    Do you have a choice of menu?
    How is it served (ie, do they have a special table/set-up for this as the balcony table is quite small?)

    We'll be celebrating our 36th Anniversary while at CN in Sept and wondering if this would be an option for a quiet, romantic dinner. Appreciate your thoughts.

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    although i cannot be 100% sure, i didn't think this was an option when we were in a beachfront suite in april. we have had a private dinner on the beach before, at an extra cost, but it was well worth it. it was a fabulous treat - great food, service and very romantic! congrats on your anniversary!

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    Default CN- In room dining

    My husband and I were in Negril in April. We had in room dining our last night there in our beachfront suite. You must be in a suite for this service, otherwise you could pay extra for dinner on the beach. In a suite, this is one of the little extras that the resort has and we loved it. It was fantastic. Couples prepared a personalized printed menu served with the meal. Nice touch if you wanted to remember your special night. You must make reservations at guest services at least a night or two before you want the meal. Two bottles of wine are served with the meal if you want it (one red/one white) and you are served three courses- salad, entree, and desert. Wow! What a great meal. You can choose from two selections in each of the three categories. (We had Jamaican chopped salad, Surf and Turf and chocolate mousse with rum) We sat in shorts and T-shirts for a casual and romantic dinner together. The server set up a table on the balcony (it was a little crowded but togetherness is a good thing), linens, an even a CD player with music. Looking out on the ocean, feeling the cool night air, candlelit dinner, close to the person you love.... it was fantastic. We have had room service at other non-Couples resorts, but, this was by far our best experience. If you plan to stay in the suite, you have to have the in room dining at least once.
    Hope this helps!

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    There are no special tables. What you have in the room is it.

    If the diner wasn't still offered the option would not be listed.

    As to your selection I am sure there would be a variety to select from but part of the experience is getting out of the room to the restaurant. We had the option to have this but personally we like the pampering you get with the staff service. You won't get drinks delivered to your room.

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    Anyone know if the in suite dinning option is available for the one bedroom ocean suites at CTI? I know they used to get evening hordevours but neither is listed in the room description.
    Shari & James
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    Thanks to all for taking the time to reply.

    Teach, we are in a Beachfront Suite in Sept and think this will be a nice, romantic way to start off our 36th year together We took advantage of room service when we were at CSS in 2007 and thought it was WONDERFUL! Didn't want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this perk if it was still available.

    We can check out the entertainment later and maybe take a late night soak in the A/N hottub

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