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    Well, it looks like my hubby and I will be arriving in Jamaica while he is nursing a broken ankle . He will be in a walking cast/boot at that time, but it will only be 5 weeks after he broke it. We know it's going to limit the activities he can participate in, but my question is, how handicap accessible is the resort? He may still need to use his crutches.

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    Which resort?

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    Which resort are you staying at?

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    There are four Couples resorts that have differenet degrees of handicap access. Which resort are are you staying at?

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    Which resort? The layout of each resort is different, and each can present its own set of difficulties for someone with mobility issues.
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    Which resort, if its CN once you go down the stairs from the lobby evrything is on that level restaurants, pool, beach, only the lobby and a few shops are on the upper level. You may also ask for a ground floor room when you check in to elimlnate steps to your room.

    I have not been to the other resorts so I can not help you with those.

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    which resort ?
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    Which resort?

    Even CSS, which is VERY littered with stairs, is pretty darn accessible thanks to the shuttle.

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    Ha, I guess listing the resort would have helped . We're going to CSA.

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    He should be fine at CSA, which is mostly flat and level terrain. Request a ground floor room, unless you are staying in the Great House which has an elevator. He'll need to climb up a flight of stairs in order to eat @ Lemongrass or to visit the Martini Bar. Good luck.
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    Default Elevator?

    The Greathouse at CSA has an Elevator? Can you please let me know where it is, to think I lugged my luggage from the third floor...


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    Cubismo, thanks for the info. That's good to hear. At least this is the kind of vacation where you're not missing much if all you do is lay around and drink! We leave 4 weeks from tomorrow, I can't wait!

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    Those boots are a huge step (no pun intended) forward over a regular cast. I spent a week at another resort with one of those boots on (torn plantar fascia) and found it worke dout better than I expected, well when compared to a traditional cast. I would wear the cast to the pool and take it off while on a lounge chair or in the pool then put it back on to walk. I did find it a more of a problem at the beach due to sand getting into it so I kept to the pool for the most part.
    Sorry about the injury, and the timing of the injury!
    Make the best of it and have a great trip!

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    Sorry about your husbands broken ankle - I feel his pain! I have broken mine before, but most recently sprained it pretty bad before our recent trip to CSA. I had graduated from the boot to an aircast shortly before we left. I was able to hobble along just fine without it on when I was going to get in the pool, etc. We didn't do the catamaran cruise this time, though. I would imagine anything that requires climbing steps (like you do to get on the boat) would cause a little bit of a challenge for him.

    However, if he is doing PT, being in the water and walking in the sand (without the boot) is the BEST PT he can do for it! I did a lot of my exercises for PT while I was in the pool and I came home without needing my air cast any more! So, while it will be a pain to take the boot off and put it back on, your trip couldn't come at a better time as far as helping his recovery.

    Also, if he is wearing the embolism sock to help with swelling, make sure to take extras and wash them out. They will get stinky because you're sweating so much while you're there. Gross, I know, but just wanted to warn you.

    I did ice my foot a few times while we were there as well. I took ziplock baggies and filled them with ice that's available in the room.

    The rum will also help ease any discomfort he may be feeling. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for all of the info and well wishes! We arrive on Sept 3rd and they are removing the cast on the 1st and putting him in a walking boot. We haven't heard anything yet about if he'll need PT, will probably find that out on the 1st. I'm trying to look on the bright least we can ride the golf cart through the airports!

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    My wife broke her ankle while at CSA. It was dark and she missed the steps by the pool after eating at Lemongrass. The nurse and doctor came and gave her a wheelchair. It made it interesting and we missed out on some stuff but I wheeled her to the beach and she was able to hobble into the pool and ocean. She drank enough to make the pain go away. So if you're on crutches you will be fine. Lemongrass is the only place with a lot of stairs.

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    Don't know if it is true but I heard that LemonGras now has an elev. Now for the really bright side ,if you must nurse a broken ankle I cannot think of a better place to do it then CSA,,,enjoy your trip and make great memories..

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