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    Default Dunn's River Falls Tour

    If you're staying at a resort that doesn't offer this trip for free (CSA), how much is it per person and how does it work? Is there a sign-up for it somewhere, once you check into your resort?

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    Dunns River will be an all day trip from CSA.
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    I'm sure you could do it, but you'd be gone for most of a day. Check out Mayfield or YS falls.

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    You would need to book a private tour or taxi. The ride is about 3 hours to Dunn's River, you will spend about an hour there and a 3 hour drive back to the resort. Not worth the time to me. You should look into Mayfield or YS Falls, they are a little over an hour from the resort. You would also book a private tour or taxi to see these. Arrangements can be made once you arrive at the resort.
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    Looks like Mayfield is the way to go! The place looks AWESOME and is only a 1 hr drive from CSA. Anyone been to Mayfield falls? How long was the trip total?

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