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    We are heading to CN in Nov. Is there a list of offsite excursions that we can look at before we get there. Like zipline. I know that we can sign up for the trips through the hotel, but wanted to get a full list sso we can make upour mind before we get there. And to we know what to pack. Thanks

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    I think if you look a tthe online brochure it lists some of the off site excursions. If you look on the interent for things to do in Negril you can pretty much go do whatever you want. It's just on how much time away from the resort you want to take and how much you want to pay. I know the resort has a bunch of brochures there to look at to schedule an excursion. Most of the Touristy stuff is on the other side of the island. I think Chuka Tours or something like that has a webiste you could look at.

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    We did the Black River Safari with the YS Falls and Appleton Estate tours and it was well worth it (approx $85-90/each?). The drive there and back kinda sucks in the back of a small van, but knocking all of those visits out in one day is pretty cool.

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