Hi !

We had our honeymoon at Couples Negril a few years back and just loved it. It was our paradise !

Most recent I've started to read lots about the resort, just to refresh my memory of the place and I'm a bit confused.

Our experience of the resort are nothing more than amazing, but it seems like there are a few out there from recent stays who don't share our joy for the place... And that makes me thining..

Has the resort changed so much since our stay?
Words like poor, rude, bad, "never CN" and "stay away" in some of the latest reviews on TripAdvisor is now spinning in my head.

Did we have all the luck in the world when we were at CN since we had a great time ?
CN wasnt the highend luxury resort, which I knew before we went there, but it was a fantastic resort without all that useless luxury.. I don't have to wear designer clothes and jewelery to 100K to feel good.... So is that why i loved it at CN and some don't ? Lack of luxury ?

We had some amazing dinners at CN.. the food was great... drinks fantastic... People friendly and warm...
We also had the pleasure in meeting people who we now consider our extended family. The world seems small, but when you meet people who you just love beeing around.. then the world suddenly gets very big when you are on different continents.

CN is still the place we had our most perfect trip ever.

Can someone please comment... Has the place changed to the worse ?