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    Default Breakfast at CSS

    It is unclear from the website where you can go for breakfast at CSS. Other than room service, what options are there? Preferably, we would like to go someplace where a beach cover up will suffice. I have only ever been to CSA, and I am thinking along the lines of Patois or the Palms.

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    The breakfast buffet is at the Palazzina Restaurant, the website says the dress code is resort attire, but I dont know if thats just for dinner.

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    CSS has a wonderfull breakfast buffet (almost as big as CN's) at the Palazzina, right at beach level. I would call the dress code resort causual...swim suits with coverups and flip-flops are common. Or, you can always take it back to your room.
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    For breakfast and lunch @ Pallazzina a beach cover up, no barefoot and a dry swimsuit are ok
    Of course for dinner the dress code is resort attire. No need for long pants, collared shirt and closed toe shoes for men, that only applies to Rest. Casanova

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    From the Dining & Restaurants page under the CSS tab:

    Palazzina Restaurant
    Hearty bistro fare from around the world is featured here in a festive sea breeze setting. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food includes both buffet and table service and ranges from fresh omelets to coconuts to escargot . . . .
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    Default Casual Breakfast

    My wife and I went to Palazzina for breakfast every day, and I wore my trunks and a Hawaiian shirt, and she wore her suit with a sun dress pulled over it. I don't know if I ever saw just a sarong and a suit, but I don't think it would be a problem. It's pretty laid back.

    Also delicious! Make sure to try the omelet and waffle station.
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    You do have to have your stomach covered so a sarong and a bikini top will be turned away. Found this out from experiece - it was a long walk back to our room in the G block so come prepared.


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    Thank you very much! I was hoping there was someplace low key to eat breakfast! Sounds delicious!

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