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    Default Catarmaran Cruise

    I noticed that the Catamaran Cruise is only offered on certain days. We thought is would be fun to have our guests take the cruise together. It is not offered on Thursdays at CSA. If we have enough people will they make an exception, or can we charter a boat to take us out?
    Any information/suggestions would be great! Thanks

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    I believe the reason it only goes out on certain days is that it is somewhere else on the other days. You could probably charter a boat though.

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    I think the reason for the specific dates is because the boat and crew are shared with CN; the nights they aren't at one resort, they're at the other (with one off day a week).

    I can't speak for chartering a boat, but I'm sure there out there to be had.

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    Couples doesn't own the catamaran. It's not as if it's sitting offshore idle. On days that the catamaran isn't taking Couples' guests on a sunset cruise, it's servicing another resort.
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    I believe you can charter it from what I read.

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    I think the catamaran goes out on thursdays from CN. I wonder if you could get a shuttle to take you from SA to CN. They are very close. You just have to call CN and tell them how many are in your group.

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