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    Hi, I was hoping someone could let us know whether it is possible to borrow masks and snorkels from the water sports guys or if we need to being our own. Thanks for any help.

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    They provide everything at the resort. That's the nice thing about "all inclusive". So unless you have a phobia about using the masks and snorkels someone else used, leave them at home. That way you have more room in your suitcase for the good stuff to bring back!!

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    Default Depends...

    It depends on what you mean by "borrow." If you are going on a snorkeling trip with them, you bet they have them for you.

    If you want to just snag a set to go off on your own, no dice. I tried that last year, and they couldn't let me have one to just take.

    When we go back, I plan to just bring a set of my own to play with.
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    Default Snorkeling Gear

    I asked a similar question about gear. I ended up purchasing a complete set at BJ's for $35.00. We want to snorkel off the beach as well as on the escorted boat trips

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    If you plan to continue to travel and love snorkelling - just purchase your own set. It is well worth the investment. This way you can be sure the mask fits you well (clear silicone seals), as well as a good snorkel that is "dry" and has a mouthpiece that is comfortable. It's nice to take off when you want and not be tied to snorkel boats and times.

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