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    Just wondering if Kurt or Ainsworth are at CTI? We last saw Kurt last year at CSS. This was during the renovations at TI. We are hoping to see Kurt at TI, for our day pass. We are heading to CSS on Feb 27 thru Mar 6th.

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    Yes they are both at CTI

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    Kirk is still at CTI, can't wait to see him next week!
    As far as I know, Ainsworth is not though.

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    Ainsworth is at Dolphin Cove. I hope Couples can get him back!
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    I had heard Ainsworth had left CTI during the remodel. He is a great guy. I will never forget my amazement when I stepped off the bus from the airport for our second visit to CTI and Ainsworth greeted me by name. He remembered us from our first visit one year earlier. During each of following trips I always made sure to seek him out.

    I hope that someday he returns to CTI. The place just wont seem the same without him.

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    We attended Sept. last year, and Byron, Kirk, and Evron were the entrance greeters. Ainsworth had moved to Dolphin cove, and the rumor then was that he was considering returning to CTI.

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    the Dragon, Captain Kirk and Everyday kept us entertained and exceptionally comfortable this entire week! Can't wait to see them next time!

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    Kirk, Byron, Emorth and Evarld (sp?) were there in May/June 2010. They are all great!

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    Kirk & Byron were awesome when we visited on a day pass from CSS...

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