OK, spent many hours pouring over this MB and finally came up with a "don't forget to take list". So for those who follow closely, hear is the list, and follow up will be on the return to determine what was useful and what was unnecessary.
Cool cups/huggers
plenty of hair conditioner ( I am, after all a chick with thick hair)
water proof camera (Olympus 6020)
indiv packaged wet wipes
Tide stick
Cover ups for swim suits
Bug repellent wipes
lip and skin sunscreen
chargers for iPods, cameras, etc
light weight rain jacket (it is aug)
Flexi straws (enough to share)
small binoculars
small flashlights (for beach walking after dark)
2 dirty clothes bags (taking way too many clothes and hope to wear them all)\extra zip lock bags, gal & quart size
indiv packaged lens cleaners for camera & sunglasses
water shoes for Dunn's River Falls
aloe vera gel (ouch!)
ear plugs (might sleep in/light sleeper)
dryer sheets (not sure why but someone suggested it, so...)
UTC meds (you know what you use)
indiv packaged nail polish remover
zip lock of Clorex wipes (not for the resort, but....)
Pillow protectors (kinda weird about hotel pillows, wherever)
My own snorkel (keeps with the kinda weird thing, I have)
Gifts for staff (chocolate, OTC meds, school supplies, etc)
Romantic assist devices (need I say more???)

I will follow up and reveal the necessary/uncalled for weight in my suitcases on return. Obviously this is a first timer's perspective. Be well and see ya there!