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    Default Safes in the rooms

    Can anyone give an idea of the size of the safes in the rooms at CSA. We're trying to decide if we should bring the good camera and lens or settle for the small one instead. Bre a great place to photo but worry a little. Also have one of those baby laptops for internet and etc. Just wondering how much room had to play with. Thanks for any info. Can't wait to be there. Bound to be a windsurfers or sailboat with our names on them next month.


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    Hubby thinks the safe is approximately 12 x 12. It was a nice size. We kept our cash, wallets, credit cards, passports and jewelry in the safe, but felt quite comfortable leaving other valuables in the room.

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    If your "baby laptop" is a netbook (10-12" screen) it will fit in the safe. Any of the SLR cameras will also fit. The safe is about 12" wide and 8" high so unless you carry a monster telephoto lens everything should fit.

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    which resort??

    Most likely will not hold all that, no matter where you stay. What you can do though is get a luggage lock and keep your stuff locked in your luggage. That is what we have done with the laptop.

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    Haven't been to Couple's but in 15 years traveling to Jamaica we've taken camera's, lenses, video camera's, variety of valuables every year that won't fit in the safe. Nothing has ever turned up missing. Now, I'm not stupid, you can run across a dishonest person anywhere at anytime. But I'm taking my stuff again when we go in October. I don't leave stuff just laying about the room begging to be taken. I've always kept the stuff in the camera bags or put away in some fashion but the bags are left sitting out for the most part. It IS a great place to do some photography, take your stuff.

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    If you do a search there was just a recent posts about almost the same thing. someone was not sure if the wanted to bring their SLR. Someone then posted the inside dimensions of the safes.

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    We were able to fit a small laptop (14.1" monitor), SLR Camera w/ short lens, passport, etc. in the room safe at CSA. I don't think you will have any problem fitting your camera and laptop in the safe. Have fun. ~Kevin

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    You can fit a lot in there. I brought some of my good camera equipment but not all. I fit 4 lenses and a large body in it without any trouble.

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    Hubby said about 8 or 9 inches tall & a foot deep...hth some!

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    Can provide you the dimensions of the safes at CN. It has been a few years since we've been to CSA, but at that time they were the same as CN's (which were replaced with new safes - for which we have the sizes, so perhaps CSA has the new safes as well).

    I expected to see some CSA vets reply, but since this MB now updates with the frequency of "The Well" circa '85, I can't tell if you're getting responses or not.

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    Dimensions from safes at CN.

    12.5 deep inside
    5.25 H inside
    16.5 wide inside, but door limits to 12.5 wide at entry

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    Thanks everyone - we'll bring the good camera also. Like the suggestion on the suitcase lock...never thought about that. Helps take the temptation out. 6 weeks to showtime


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