As I turned the page on the calendar, I see that tomorrow, Sunday, marks the end of the "triple digit" countdown. Monday will begin the days of doubledom. Still many days to count. But I am greatful for small gifts.
Sunday is "Summer bank holiday" in the UK. So if you brits were planning on conducting any business with the banking world, wait until next week.
But this Sunday is also "Emancipation Day" in Jamaica. It is such an honor to be celebrating my small event with the very country that we are doing our countdown for. Imagine that.

Monday morning will smell a little sweeter and look a little brighter. Great day to have, "The smle from HELL!!!" You are smiling 24/7. People start to stare. There is a fog bank coming in that will envelope you and will create havoc in your life. The closer you get to get to nirvana, the more anxous you become. Eventually the days "dwondle down to a precius few", and your time will be at hand.

From three number counting to two number. I know it's not up there with world peace, saving our children, or whatever, but the moment is ours. Tonight. Celebrate this evening and again tomorrow morning

Be gratful and playful for small moments and inner satisfaction.