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    Any comment on which of the 4 resorts has the most opportunity for cat sailing? Biggest fleet? Or I guess most overall availability?


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    Best sailing is at CN and CSA. The water is much calmer on the west side of the island and there is no reef to navagate around like at CSS.
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    It depends on your ability. CSA and CN offer a nice sunbathing sail, but there is more wind at CSS (once you get out of the cove) and CTI. Availability is about the same at all 4 I would say. However there may be more red flag days at CSS and CTI.

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    I should also say that there are probably going to be more days without any wind at CSA and CN - but you could always take out a canoe!

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    About 3 hours of really good wind at CSA today... They have 6 or 7 Hobie Waves.
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    CTI is pretty windy, so there is a risk of a red flag day. Funny thing is with the persistent wind, we found ourselves without wind on the south side of the island, just drifting. The sports crew had to come out and tow us back into the wind.

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    When we were at Cn in Septmeber there was always a hobie cat or two not out.

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    Great to hear - thanks. Sounds like we can't go wrong. Leaning toward CTI for a little more adventurous sailing then.

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    The sailing @ CSS is just fine. The only problem is that they don't offer the Cat. cruise @ CSS because it is hard to get around the reef with such a large boat. The smaller boats are just fine for sailing @ CSS

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