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    Default CN- Rooms Closest to Pool Area?

    My parents are going to CN in February and need a room that is as close as possible to the pool and restaurants. Daddy has a very difficult time walking. On their last trip they were near the tennis courts and it was too much for him. They are booking an Oceanview room this time. What building should they be requesting?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Although room category locations seem to be pretty fluid, most oceanview rooms are in Buildings 7 and 8. Building 7 is closer to the resort's center.

    According to guest posts, there are some garden rooms in Building 1, which flanks the pool. Your parents could always ask for a room in Building 1 at check-in. While it would technically be a downgrade, my guess is it would be given to your parents if available. If not, they'd be placed in Building 7 or 8 and wouldn't have to worry about being placed near the outer perimeter of the resort.
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    Building 1 and 2 are closest to the pool and restaurants. You can't request a specific building but when they get there, they can see if those are available. I think many of those are gardenview rooms.

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    We think that Building #6 is closest to the main pool area.

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    Buildings 1 and 6 flank the pool and thus are equally close. Most if not all of the rooms in Building 6 are beachfront rooms and beachfront suites. We have stayed in a beachfront suite and a beachfront room in Building 1, while others have reported booking a garden room and being placed in Building 1.
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    Default Another consideration is noise

    Hi Marnies-

    While both buildings 1 and 6 flank the pool, we have found building 6 to be much noisier at night, due to the band and stage shows after dinner.

    If your folks are not into late night entertainment, I'd suggest trying for either building 1 or 2. The first floor rooms in building 2 are as close as building 1 (since they removed the path halfway down building 1), and both buildings are much quieter at night than buildings 6 or 7.


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    If they haven't already booked an ocean view, tell them not to. Most ocean view rooms are in bldg.#7&8 which is farther away and they want to give you top floors for that too. We were in bldg.#1 on the bottom floor and it was SO easy to get to everything! This room was a gardenview room. They can request bldg#1 when they check in but may not get a bottom floor. We were on the 3rd floor of bldg.1 this time and liked it but it was a lot of walking.

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    We've stayed in both Bldg 1 (3rd Floor-Gardenview) and Bldg 6 (3rd Floor-Beachfront Suite). When you come down the stairs in Bldg 1, Heliconia is immediately to your right around the corner, Lychee is straight ahead and Otaheite is to the right of Lychee. Very, very close to the restaurants. In Bldg 6, you can walk down the stairs and enter the pool area or you can go the other way and you're at Cassava Terrace. If you get a room in either of these bldgs, you are just steps away from the restaurants/pool. Enjoy CN! It's a magical place
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    TY all. I am waiting for an answer from Dilly-ann at CN. They have to have a ground floor, stairs are a big nono. They have 2 oceanview handicapped rooms in building 7, I am just hoping they are at the near end of the block. Mom and Dad had a handicapped gardenview last time but it was at the far end of block 2 near the tennis courts which is a long hike.

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    Default Building 6

    We stayed in Building 6 in May and we walked right out our front door and was at the beach within 10-15 steps. Building 6 is an ocean view room also.

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