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    Default Hibiscus Cottage CSS

    Just curious if anyone has stayed in the HC, whether it was worth the money and what the normal occupancy is? If it's not booked while I'm there I wonder if they'd let me look at it for future visits...

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    The Hibiscus Cottage is always booked. It is booked years in advance. While it is really nice, most of the Penthouse suites are larger and have better views.
    IMHO it is worth it if you can afford it, but it is no big deal

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    The Hibiscus Cottage is also way up at the front of the resort... a LOOOOOOOOONG way from the beach (ie.... lots and lots of stairs). But, it is very private and away from everything else and like Richli says, if you can afford it, then go for it.

    Otherwise, just book any other room category and be just as happy/content and save a bunch of money.

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    We stayed in Hibiscus for three nights this last May. We were upgraded when our Penthouse room wasn't ready at check-in. The cottage itself is very very nice and it was awesome and greatly appreciated that Couples did that for us. The infinity jacuzzi out front was one of the highlights and the privacy was nice.

    It comes down to do you want to pay the extra $$$ when as Richli2 pointed out the Penthouses are just as nice or better to some folks in many ways. You can't go wrong either way!

    We are going back to CSS next year and we booked a Penthouse room if that helps.

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