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    Default CSS - 2 questions

    My husband and I hope to celebrate our 52nd anniversary at CSS but have two questions before we decide. (1) the stairs---from the internet comments it sounds as though it might be a problem for my husband as he has some leg problems. (comments please) (2) We were also considering a beachfront suite - block A - location and wondered if these rooms had large balconies with lounges as some pictures indicate but don't really specify which rooms. We have been to Ochi twice but wanted to stay somewhere extra special this time. We're hoping CSS will fit the bill. TIA for your help.

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    The stairs may be an issue so I would suggest A or B, considered "beachfront" but in actuality they are separated from the beach by the pool or main lawn. You will still have to take some of the stairs to get to one of the restaurants, the lobby, and the piano bar. I don't think the balconies on A or B have loungers. From the pool area they all looked to have just tables and chairs. Have you looked under "panoramic views" on the CSS site? May give you a bit more insight.

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    Default stairs

    You will definitely have less stairs if you stay in the A or B block. We were in G ocean suite and had to climb tons of stairs....we didn't mind, but if your husband has leg problems that would be an issue. From A & B you can access everything except the Balloon bar and Cassanova (which is a MUST in my opinion) with little or no stairs.
    A & B blocks have smaller balconies and as I recall they only had a table and 2 chairs, no loungers. They aren't beach fron teither like someone else mentioned. From your balcany you will have grass, then the pool which also has a grill and bar, then the beach. You can see the beach from those rooms though.

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    In 2009 we stayed in A block. It is at "ground level" for much of the resort. From A block, you would have to climb stairs to get to Casanova (the "fancy" restaurant), the lobby and the Balloon Bar, terrace pool, gift shop, etc. This year, we stayed in G block, the furthest up the hills with outstanding ocean views and large veranda with a double lounger plus table and chairs. Again, a corner room. The veranda was probably triple the size of the veranda we had on a corner room in A block. And very private, if you get my drift! Access to the top level of the resort is helped immensely by a small elevator just past the mineral pool. It probably cuts out at least half of the steps you must climb to the top level. We loved it. (OK, I loved it. My wife is claustrophobic, but was able to handle it anyway -did I say it's a small elevator? Love & peace at CSS!


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    I would go with buildings A or B. don't forget they have a shuttle service. You can call the front desk and they will send a shuttle to pick you up (there in less than 2 minutes usually) to take you to the top(lobby, Cassanova restaurant, balloon bar). If his legs are a problem, I would even use this to go to the spa...take the shuttle to the lobby, then the elevator down to the spa. eliminates all stairs.

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    There is also a van/bus that can drive you to a few of the various levels on the resort, and I've never had to wait more than just a couple minutes (I had bad blisters from some new sandals, and also my mother used the van while there for our wedding).

    It's a little difficult trying to describe the stairs/hills/walking situation without actually seeing it, but while there are a lot of steps walking from, say, the beach to the lobby or Block G, there are alternate routes that cut the steps dramatically, either by the aforementioned elevator or by a winding path, or almost entirely, by walking the road at the back of the resort. Also be aware that there will be a staircase to most (if not all) of the "big-balcony rooms," though this isn't more than a flight or so.

    Only you know limitations on mobility, so it's hard to comment on what would be "too much," but if you really have your heart set on a cliff view, I can't imagine it wouldn't be very doable. No matter what you choose, I would suggest bringing a largish beach bag for anything you think you'll need through the day so that you don't have to constantly go back to the room.

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    You do not need to climb ANY stairs to speak of. If you want to go up to the Balloon bar simply call the front desk and they will send a car to drive you up and then drive you back down when you are finished... Hey, its the Couples way

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