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    Default March Maniacs Return 2011...

    Hello All....

    Jennifer and I are contemplating returing "home" to CTI March 12-19th... We had a blast last time and hopefully all of our friends will think about joining us, (jamaican Junkie, Jeff and Amber, Erin and Pace, and of course David and Brooke) Shout our your dates if you are thinking about or have already booked for March 2011...


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    Default Hello

    After re-reading my message.... we are welcome to meeting new friends also, I hope I didn't shut anyone off with the first post. We are thinking about going to CTI March 12-19. Is anyone else heading that way in March? We were there this year around that time and the weather was awesome. Take care and post your dates if you have them.


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    Hey there we will be at CTI (for the 1st time) from Feb 23rd to March 4th. Cant wait to see CTI, Loved Swept Away (all 3 times) and Sans Souci once. Too bad you are arriving several days after we leave. Would like to meet you and other new Couples. Thats part of the fun of traveling, meeting new people. Have a great time while youre there!

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    I Scuba now,, are you a farm couple coming from Dekalb Ill?

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    Hey Mark&Terri, We are indeed from Dekalb Il. but not farmers. How did you guess the Dekalb Il part?

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    Dekalb Ill is some of the best farming dirt in USA < we are farmers ourselves,, we will be there 1st week of march ourselves,, 1st timers for CTI

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    Well then MarkandTerri, we will be looking forward to meeting you at the pool swim up bar for a few drinks. We are going to CTI with our friends from the Niagra Falls area. We vacation with them every year now for about 9 years. Fun people for sure. See you there or here first if you post pics of you and your spouse.

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    Clayton and Sandy from North Dakota will be returning home for our 3rd trip to CTI. We will be arriving on March 17 for ten days. We are looking forward to meeting new friends!

    Clayton and Sandy

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    So you can see us now and recognize us at CTI. Feel free and come up to us and say Hi! We wont bite. hahahaha


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    Default Just Booked! First Time!

    Hi Everyone!

    We just booked and we are jazzed! First time to Couples - Looking forward to a week of Paradise! visiting the AN on Day two - thats going to be fun!

    Richard and Lizzy:Springfield Missouri
    March 18-25

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    We arrive February 27th til March 7. We're newbies to couples resort. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting others! Shannon 27 and Greg 28

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    Default upstate ny'ers

    We are from hostage/WNY between Niagara Falls and Syracuse. We arrive on March 4 and leave March 8. Look forward to meeting our fellow upstaters. Bob and Jenny (both 41)

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    Default Coming same week...

    Sue and I will be there also that week, 11th time to Couples, 9th to CTI (our home).

    Save a spot on the island by the pool for us will ya?

    Can't wait...

    Jens and Sue

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