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    Default a question about CTI

    Hi all,
    We booked a Secret Rendezvous at the beginning of July and just found out we got ...... CTI!! We leave on Sunday for a week. We were at CTI last summer so we're anxious to go back. I see from a recent review that Kadie is still there so we're anxious to see her again. She was one of many who made our vacation last summer. Are Kirk and Everald still there? We loved both of those guys. Anyway, my actual question is:
    Where is WIFI available at the resort? Last summer, it was available in the lobby, but there was a guy wandering around who said he was there to make it available in the rooms. Has that been done? Is WIFI available anywhere in the resort now?

    Thanks for any and all responses and we look forward to being there on Sunday.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,'08
    CTI '09,'10
    CSS '10

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    Default Cti

    just bumping this back up .. I know a bunch of postings just came up. Anyone just back from CTI have an answer about the WIFI issue (what parts or whether all of the resort is now WIFI). Thanks again and glad to hear all of the great recent reviews and comments about CTI.
    windsorgirl (Christine)

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    Last November, they were both there.

    As for wifi, I had access in my room, but I was above the swim-up bar and connected to that access point.

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    We were in a suite last Oct. and we got wifi in our room.

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    My hubby picked it up in our room in the new building and on the island (his I touch).

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    We were there in February and stayed in the deluxe ocean view and had wifi there.

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    We stayed in the gardenview room and picked it up from the spa. Took our magicjack with us and were able to makes calls to the US. It was great.

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    Kadie is still there and she is awesome! She made our trip one to remember and became a friend I hope to stay in touch with. There is another girl that works with the entertainment staff that has only been there a few months, her name is Rasheba. We absolutly loved her too. Meeting them was our absolute favorite part of our trip!

    We got great wireless connections from our balcony, just below the swim up bar, not so great from inside the room though. Have a great time!

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