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    Default Stay at CTI or CN

    My husband and I have have never been to Jamaica or an all-inclusive. All of the resorts look beautiful! I have narrowed it down to the two least expensive, since it's our first time. Any suggestions between the two? I'm sure we'll win either way!

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    Only you can decide. All Ican say is we prefer CTI.

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    We have been vacationing between these two resorts for years. You could not have picked two better ones. To us, the biggest differences are that CN has a bigger beach( CTI's beach is private) and is nestled in a lot of green vegetation. CTI has the old world charm of an earlier Jamaica with a new vibe. Both places are incredible. We can't wait for CN Anniversary week in October!

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    Save yourself a little bit of money and stay at CTI.

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    Default CTI or CN

    We have been to both. Checked out CTI last year after the renovation and loved the new swim up bar. CTI is best if you want to do a lot off property but we are going back to our home resort CN for the 4th time this year. Just love the warm cozy feeling we get at CN and the beach is fantastic. You can"t go wrong with either property. Each Couples has it's own personality.

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