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    Alright, everyone on the beach listening to the traveling singers, has heard them sing the John Denver song, "Take Me Home..." except instead of West Virginia, it is "West Jamaica". I also heard it on the speakers at the Cabana Grill. Does ANYBODY have a copy of it, or know where to find it ??? I've got my "3 Little Birds" by Bob Marley, my wife has "Angel" by Shaggy , and we both would love to have "Take Me Home.... West Jamaica" also. Any help would be appreciated ??
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    Yellowman does one similar to that, but the entire song isn't "Take Me Home..." It's called "Jamaica Nice (Take Me Home Country Roads.)

    It's a great song, even if it's not specifically the one you're thinking of.

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    Toots and the Maytals does a version of it, probably others have covered it as well. I love all the reggae versions of pop songs that they play on Irie FM. Jamaicans have a great talent for re-arranging songs from other musical styles.

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    We heard it from a singer named Audley Scott on the cd titled Island Life. I have the cd but have been unable to find any others from him.

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    They play it on "Kingston" on our satelite radio so I know it is out there. The version is Toots and the Maytals

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    Thanks for the help. I just downloaded the version by Toots and the Maytals off of iTunes.
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Its done well by Toots & the Maytalls, on their CD "In the Dark", which can be found packaged as a double with "Funky Kingston". Both albums are great!

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    You mentioned hearing it on "Kingston" on your Sat radio. I have Sirius/XM and the channel is called "The Joint". What satellite provider are you getting that channel on?

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    OOH, that stings a little. I am a proud West "By God" Virginian. That song plucks a string in my heart, for the hidden beauty of my home state. If CSS is as beautiful as everyone says, I will have "No Problem" singing that tune. And, if our honeymoon goes as well as I think it will, I'm sure my country road will lead me back there. Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    Baldo, We have "Dish Network" on our TV. I think they also have "The Joint" but it is more modern reggae where Kingston is more "Roots Reggae" like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. There is also "Tropical Breezes" which is nice and mellow with some steel drums and even some Jimmy Buffet. The Joint is a higher number channel on our sat where the other two are a lower number. They don't have Sirius/Xm in front of the name

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    Thanks Kaityogill, didn't realize you were talking satellite TV, makes sense now. We have a similar station with Comcast cable as well.

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    Hey Hutdog, I too am a West "By God" Virginian (now living in NC), and heard the Jamaican version of this song for the first time a couple of years ago LIVE by Toots & the Maytals (awesome concert, btw), and was not offended in the least. Of course, by that time, I had already been to Jamaica a couple of times and KNEW exactly what they were talking about. BTW, you will love CSS, we are going back for the 2nd time in October and CAN'T WAIT!!! You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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