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Thread: Bugs at CSS?

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    Default Bugs at CSS?

    I'm traveling to CSS next month. I was wondering how the bugs are out there. Do I need repellent?

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    We didn't have any problems, but I guess you never know. I brought the wipes the first year we went, and never used them, so I didn't take them since.

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    Bring some...i maybe had one bite last week but my wife had quite a few. Some friends brought those repellent wipes so they could put them in a carry-on and seemed to work well. CSS is very tropical and as you would guess, the bugs were a little worse than say, CTI.

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    We just got back last Saturday. The bugs (mosquitos and sand fleas) didn't touch my husband, but they really enjoyed me, despite my taking B1 and garlic tablets prior to and during the trip. Guess I'm just too sweet! I would advise repellent.

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    We just returned in May from CSS. We took repellent and just used it in the evening. Only 1 or 2 bites of some kind. Not bad. No problem with sand fleas like we had experienced in Negril.
    Have fun.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
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    We were there last week and I got several bug bites - even using repellent - but my husband only got one.

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    Default Yes, bring repellent

    We are frequent travellers to Jamaica and in the last 2 to 3 years I have been bitten not only by mosquitoes but by no-see 'ems, also called sand fleas or sand flies. It can be annoying, but I also discovered just last year that I'm allergic and need to take antihistamines to combat the problem. For most folks a simple repellent will do the trick, so pack up a little protection!

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    I've been to Ocho Rios 5x and the only time I had problems with bugs was at CSS. I was eaten alive. That was in '08. The grounds are lush and the grass beautiful but the bugs like it too. Bring repelant, if you don't need it great. If you do need it you'll have it. I, unfortunately, did not come prepared.

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    We were at CSS last month, didnt have too much trouble with the bugs. The only time I really noticed them was the first night there at the beach bar, and at the beach party (forgot to put bug spray on and was rubbing my legs all night to knock the suckers off).

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    I was eaten alive but my husband was not. Interestingly the same thing happens every time we go to Hawaii too. So if you're sweet, prepared to be devoured.

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