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    Default booking CSS tomorrow--question about rooms

    i've been staring at pictures and posts for a while now, and i think i know what i want--but wanted to make sure. we'd really love a balcony of some sort, nothing too huge, but we want to be able to sit there, have coffee or drinks and breakfast or snacks. i believe the lowest room that'd suit our needs is the verandah one--correct? we really don't care for having a separate sitting area in addition to the bedroom, so that isn't a concern.

    what i'd absolutely love is the view from the cliff, where you see some green and some ocean. is there any chance to get a verandah room with that view, or would we need to book a different room?

    what kind of view should we expect from a verandah one?

    thank you so much in advance! only 5 more weeks until we go!

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    It's really hard to say what kind of view you can "expect" from a verandah, as they seem to be the most varied. We've stayed in a verandah suite a few times, and we always had a great view. I'd say the views run from decent (i.e., lower-ish level so people perhaps walking by, maybe looking out mostly towards the garden or the lawn instead of straight out to the sea) to good (higher up but maybe half-and-half view of sea/garden or lawn) to great (higher up with a view of just about the whole resort on the sides but straight out to the sea in front).

    Unless you're really unlucky or don't want to go through the hassle of possibly moving, you can ask at check-in what's available and what's coming available in the next couple days. We did that last year, with starting out in one suite that was very nice but moving two days later to one we really loved. The year before that, we actually had booked an ocean suite and ended up seeing a verandah suite that we prefered and "downgraded" and moved.

    I hope that helps.

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    We are five year vets of CSS and absolutely love the Oceanview Balcony Suite. The best building for the view you are talking about is from D Building. Look into the price of the Penthouse Suites, they are not much more. Most Penthouses are located in D & E. Buiding G is also nice, but at the top of the cliffs and a nice walk to the beach. D Building is centrally located within CSS, so for some a little more stair friendly.
    "Once you know"
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    We booked a veranda room in the G block and it was absolutely perfect! Our veranda was huge and we had a view of the ocean, jungle on the cliffs and out over the resort.

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