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    Default CSS-top 10 list of what not to miss? 1wk!

    We are off to CSS for the 1st time in a week! I'd love to hear about what others believe would be their the top 10 list that made their trip so memorable at CSS! Thanks!
    I've heard the praise for SSB and am trying to muster the nerve to "do it".
    Thanks for helping me get through the next week!!

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    SSB is really not something to stress over. Since you already sound interested, I'll make a prediction that you'll be laughing at yourself after your trip for giving it much thought at all. It's slightly unnerving for maybe five minutes, and then you really pretty much don't even think about it.

    As for other things on the top 10 list, I'd say use the spa as much as is financially practical and try to get a massage early in your stay. You'll feel any lingering "home stress" just melt away (what little there is that didn't already melt away upon arrival). Enjoy a room service meal or snack on your balcony. And most of all, explore the grounds. There are amazing spaces tucked away that always delight.

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    We just returned from CSS in May. Our first time at a Couples resort. Here is my top 10 of why it was memorable:
    1. sharing a week with my wife of 40 years.
    2. having a "Miami Vice" poured for you every day.
    3. enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean every day from .
    beachside and from our balcony.
    4. being taken care of by a friendly and courteous staff.
    5. relaxing in the beautiful Jamaican weather for a week.
    6. eating some really great meals, both for lunch and dinner,
    in several different locations.
    7. making your way through the flower petals in your room and
    on your bed after turn-down service in the evening.
    8. a great GALA BUFFET on Friday.
    9. dinner on the beach.
    10. breakfast on our balcony - the first in 40 years of marriage.

    Prepare will have the best time of your life.
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    The pool at SSB is really cool so you shoudl go over there atleast to check it out. I'd say do Dunns River - it's AMAZING!!!!!

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    Oh and definitely eat at Cassanova. It's SOOOO good!!!!! Wednesday is lobster night - you don't want to miss the lobster. Make your reservation earlier in the evening - they open at 6:30 - to avoid running out of lobster before you get your turn.

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