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    Default Do we get 2 massages each?

    As we are having our wedding at CSA we are wondering if we get 2 massages each, one included in the wedding package and the second one for spending our honeymoon there (honeymoon package).

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    When are you getting married? We are getting married @ CSA in Feb 2011

    I would like to know that as well, as we are doing the same thing, and are in the renewed love that gives another free 30 min each.


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    Default We will let you know


    we will let you know as we will be there this August :-)

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    Default Do we get 2 massages each?

    I am getting married at CN in November and was wondering the same thing. I hope someone replies to the post.

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    Most people who marry at Couples are spending their honeymoon there, so I think you would receive either the 30-minute massages as part of the wedding package OR the massages as part of the honeymoon package, but not both.

    If you married at one of the resorts and then had a trip to a second resort scheduled (i.e., some people take two weeks, spending one week at the resort at which they marry and then spending a second week at a second resort), then you would be eligible to receive the massages as part of the wedding package at the first resort. At the second resort, you would receive the free massages as part of the honeymoon package and, assuming that you are Romance Rewards members, a second pair of massages as part of the perks offered to repeat guests.
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    We did a vow renewal on our honeymoon and we got the perks for both in addition to the repeaters perks. We didn't actually get all of the repeaters perks but we did get the massages. It wasn't because we didn't qualify though, I think they either forgot or were not very organized.

    I would email the wedding coordinator. She is very helpful and will know for sure.

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