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    Default Ocean Jr. Suite at CTI

    My husband and I booked an Ocean Jr. Suite at CTI for August 2011, I notice that in one description of the room it states that there is a Jacuzzi tub and a shower, and in anouther decsription it states there's a Jacuzzi tub or a shower. Does anyone know for sure what is in the rooms? I do not like to take showers and would be very dissappointed if I had to take one for 7 nights. There is a post that states that they can not gaurentee a specific room, but, can they gaurentee one with a Jacuzzi Tub?
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    We were in an Ocean Jr. suite (# 3404) top floor Bldg. # 3 and there was both a jacuzzi tub and shower in a large bathroom. We loved our room! Feel free to ask any other questions and have a wonderful time at CTI!!

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    Ooooh --- we'll be there in 8 weeks. Do you have any pictures of the room (or of CTI, period)?

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    Some of the Ocean Jr. suites have both the shower and jacuzzi tub, we were in room 3408 (I think) it was an end unit, and did not have a tub, just the shower. It was a large open shower and the shower had a window that looked out the island. The window was bit sandblasted from many years of exposure, but we still enjoyed looking out at the island while showering. We had friends staying in 3404 and their shower didn't have a window, but I think the tub may have. We had a jacuzzi tub in room at CSS and only used it once, so we didn't mind not having it at CTI. We liked the window in the shower better, if only it opened, it would have been perfect.

    Can't answer you on getting a room with a tub, but there is at least 1 Ocean Jr. without a tub, I don't know how many Ocean Jr. suites there are though.

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    When we were in 3404 (Dec. 09') the shower had a window with a beautiful view of the island. the jacuzzi tub had a bank of windows above it and a balcony beyond that.

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    Default Ocean Jr. Suite at CTI

    We were just in 3406 and had both the jacuzzi and the shower. There was a window in the shower, as well as well as two windows by the jacuzzi. There was also a door onto the balcony behind the jacuzzi.

    I'm pretty sure that the "virtual tour" room for the Ocean Jr. Suite is 3406. Brings back good memories!

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    Thanks so much for all the information. 398 days and counting, I can't wait. I think that I am going to drive everyone crazy between now and then.

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    When we stayed in room 3402, we had both a jacuzzi and a shower. We had a hard time fitting both of us in the jacuzzi though.

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