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    Default November 2010

    My Husband and I are going from Jersey in the Channel Islands from the 2nd to 16th November, and would love to meet others who will be there?

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    Hey Janet! My wife, Jenny, and I will be there for the exact same dates as you. We look forward to seeing you there, or even on the flight out from Gatwick. John & Jenny

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    Hi Janettlloydd
    welcome to couples in nov. we will be there on 7th -14 hope we can all have a drink on sunset beach. Also if you haven't there is a nov.. css that you can sign in where and wnen so join the group.

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    Hi Guys

    R you flying Gatwick Jamacia with Virgin if so will either see you on the Plane we are in Premium economy or in the Couples Lounge!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by janettlloydd View Post
    Hi Guys

    R you flying Gatwick Jamacia with Virgin if so will either see you on the Plane we are in Premium economy or in the Couples Lounge!!!
    Yes, that very flight but we are in cattle class, sadly! Never mind, see you in the Couples lounge at Montego Bay airport no doubt. We are so loking forward to this holiday!

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    97 days and who is counting?? Nov. 7th-14
    see you all there

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    You may want to add you name and date of arrival to the November 2010 list. There is another message thread titled November 2010 that contains a list of folks arriving/there in November. 109 days and counting as quickly as we can -- see ya...

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    My fiance and I will be up the 8th-16th! See you all there!

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    ...I should have said my husband...we're getting married Nov. 6!

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    Default November 60th Birthday for Newbies

    Hi, This trip, first time to Jamaica, leave alone Couples resorts, will be to celebrate my 60th birthday and we will be there from October 30th until 13th November 2010.
    We have been married for nearly 31years and we are still very young at heart so please don't think we're old codgers when you run into us, probably at the beach bar when the sun goes down on Saturday 30th Ocober.
    We have done lots of research before choosing Couples and CSS especially, and from what we've read on here, we have made the right decision.

    See you all there hopefully.
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    see you there! age is a state of mind. =)

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    Yhank you coffeekitty and congrats on your forthcoming wedding, look forward to meeting you.

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    Hi Ladyabosso
    we will be there with friends and wondering if you will be visiting sunset beach to celebrate your 60th. We will all have a birthday drink with you and your husband.

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    Hi thanks for the message but can we meet at halfway house (beach bar on main beach) when de sun goes down on the 9th instead please?
    I'm not up for the AN I'm afraid but thanks for the offer. Hope to see you at the main beach bar though!

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    that is fine not everyone does. Hope we can all toast on the 9th

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    Can't believe we are finally in the double digits.....We leave 75 days from today, I cant wait. It will be so nice to be back in Jamaica and on sunset beach.

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    Default Calling out to all Nov. 7-14 Sunset Beach Bums

    Hey everybody! Can you believe we will be at CSS in less than 90 days! We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on CSS and having an awesome time this week. Bring your beads for a SSB beads day on November 10th! Be creative! Look forward to seeing you all there!

    Rick and Debbie

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    We are first time Couplers coming to CSS to celebrate our birthdays as well...just a short hop but we can't wait, Nov 1 thur Nov 4.....less then a month!!!!!!

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    This will be our first Couples trip and we are so excite!

    -David and Ashli

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