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    Default Michelle & Timmie 9/22/2010

    We are within the sixty day mark and I can hardly believe it! It seemed liked yesterday we THOUGHT about going to Jamaica and now we are so close I can hardly stand it! It will be our first time in Jamaica and it will be just the two of us getting married.

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    We are now at the 6 day mark until the wedding and I am about to burst! We leave on Friday and I am a nervous wreck! I keep packing and unpacking and changing and rearranging I am about to make myself sick. I thought it being just the two of us I wouldn't be so nervous. Boy was I wrong!

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    WEll we did it! We were married at CTI and it was amazing!!! Shout out to Letoya who was awesome (I miss you girl!) Traci is the best hairstylist and much love because she came in to do my hair while she was on vacation!!!!
    I was nervous but it really wasn't necessary because getting married at Couples is so stress free. It even rained and it was still amazing. Nicholas was the best photographer ever!
    Hire the resort photgrapher at CTI(Now Can I have back my shoes????:>)
    When I get a chance I will post the pictures. In the meantime all brides to be -just relax I promise you it will be great!
    Respect IRIE!!!MON

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