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    Default Pics of CSS rooms- 1 Bedroom Ocean Suite

    I decided to change my reservation from Tower Isle to Sans Souci because the idea of a room on a cliff and the hidden nooks and crannies sounded good, plus I got married at Tower Isle 6 years ago and I thought we should at least try a different resort.

    But, a travel agent friend just told me I made a HUGE mistake, she stated that CSS is the oldest resort and is rundown plus I am not sure if the room category I have is the one I need to be for the cliffs.Can someone who has stayed in the 1 bedroom Ocean suite PLEASE send me a pic or let me know what is the truth. and also confirm I am staying in the right building.

    Thanks HUGE

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    A little tricky on this subject. We were there in June and had booked the 1BR Ocean Suite and expected what is shown on the resort's website in the panoramic views. When we arrived we were given a room in block D (17 I believe) that was not at all what we were expecting. We were disappointed because the room is what sold us on trying CSS, as opposed to returning to our home CN. I voiced my concern the next am (it was very late when we arrived and we just needed sleep) and without hesitation we were moved to G2 which was spectacular. My point, just be aware that there are different kinds of rooms within this category, not that they are bad by any means, just not what you may be expecting. I would suggest booking a penthouse if available because you would certainly be guaranteed the view you are hoping for. Last I recall the cost wasn't that much more. As far as the resort being old and run down, NO WAY! It has classic character, you won't be sorry. And I say "PHOOEY" to your travel agent for even suggesting such.

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    CSS is far from being run down and old... when Couples purchased the property it was totally redone.... the only thing i heard is that some of the suites were not redone. The rooms at CSS are gorgeous and we love the showers (lots of room)...

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    okay so I should choose G block for the cliff view, thank you so much for the information, I am happy to hear that the resort is not rundown ! whew Thank You!

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    If you go on to another major trip review site, I posted views from our 1 BR suite... GORGEOUS.
    I personally think the travel agent,
    I can also email you some pics and videos if you send me your email address.. I would have a hard time posting here I think. lol

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    Default Css

    We just returned from CSS and stayed in a one-bedroom ocean suite. I, as well, can't believe the tip given you by your travel agent. I would not say it's 'run down'. It's an amazing, beautiful resort with so many special spots. I agree with the earlier post about different types of rooms, within the same category We were placed originally in D5. We loved it for the location (easy access to everything), but it wasn't what we expected in terms of balcony size and it was quite musty (we know there's some of that in the tropics). We were moved the next day upon request to E4, which was a room with a large balcony. We did like the 'character' of the room in D5 and it faced the beach. Every room has something good about it. The rooms in the G block definately have great views, but are the furthest away from the main beach, and SSB. We had been to CTI last summer, and CSS in March. We loved them both, for different reasons. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07, '08
    CTI '09
    CSS '10

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    Ditto what tanline said. The problem with trying to determine the room categories by building is that the old part of the resort was designed not as a hotel but as private apartments. Therefore, they weren't able to be split up uniformly without completely tearing down the existing structures.

    Generally speaking, this is the "deal" with the rooms: beachfront jacuzzi suites are Blocks A and B, built in the '80s as hotel rooms and largely uniform in size. The small category that is sans balcony is in the small C block, though I believe there are a couple of balcony rooms in there, as well.

    That leaves D, E, F and G, which are sort of in a semi-circle around the old part of the resort. D block is between the old and new parts, G is up at the top and furthest away from the beach. These blocks have three floors with penthouses at the top. The bottom floors are then divided into the one-bedroom ocean suites (separate sitting room, usually large balcony) and verandah suites (sometimes one fairly small room, usually smaller balcony). "Verandah" seems to be codeword for "the spaces that were leftover that couldn't quite be turned into a full one-bedroom suite," though that doesn't mean they can't be lovely. In fact, a couple years ago, we actually downgraded to stay in an available verandah suite that we found perfect for us.

    So it sounds like you booked the right category, but if you want to be doubly sure, you can call the resort directly, as the particular category names do seem to change sporadically. Also, while you can't request specific rooms, talk to the clerk on check-in and see what's available. It sounds like you're ideally looking for a second floor suite in Block F or G.

    (As a bit of an aside, my husband and I always try to get Block D, as it's perfect for our needs/wants, so you can see that all people are different.)

    As for the resort being run down, no way. The buildings are very old but very well-maintained. All rooms have been refurnished in the past couple years. If you want sterile and perfect, you may be disappointed, since that's near impossible in a very humid environment where people rarely shut themselves inside like hermits, but I've found everything to be very clean and nice.

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    Sorry lovinlife, I didn't catch it at first that it was a friend not your travel agent that said this. One more thing, reception did verify that the first room we were given was a 1BROS. I personally would not go back if I couldn't be guaranteed one of the rooms on the cliffs with a beautiful view, so we would be looking into that Penthouse option. I should also reiterate (?sp) that there was nothing wrong with D17-I just wanted the completely separate bedroom, large living room, and huge balcony. I'd like to see management do some subcategorizing of the rooms and charge accordingly, I'd gladly pay more to get the exact room I want.

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    I wish I had a picture to show you. But we have stayed in the "B" suites and also the "D" penthouse. Of course we loved the penthouse, but we also enjoyed the "B" suites a lot. It was a small suite, but perfect for us. We are ones who do spend a lot of time in our room so we do expect a nice room.

    The real star is the entire resort. It is just so beautiful and peaceful and just fantastic. CTI just doesn't compare to CSS in beauty. And we love the room service!

    We just split a trip between CTI and CSS to make one more try at CTI and we were disappointed in CTI. I thought our room would be nicer, but it was still rundown looking to me. Try CSS and see what you think. You can always request a different room if you don't like the 1st one! We do.

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    So funny that a travel agent told you it was run down. On our trip home from CN last year I sat next to a travel agent. We were feeling after 4 trips to CN we wanted to try another Couples. She told us to try CSS that we would not be disappointed. We are booked for next December!

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    Default Don't Worry! Was there last month...the room rocked

    Have no doubts about your choice; you'll love EVERYTHING! If you want me to send you a few pics of our G block ocean view, just email me at

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    It's sad that your TA friend would even make such a statement. They are obviously uninformed. We were at CSS this past April as well as in 2009. We stayed in suite G-05 up on the cliffs in 2009 and love that class of room. Here's some pictures of CSS and our 1 bedroom ocean suite: Enjoy your stay at CSS!

    Bart & Bug

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    your travel agent friend hasn't got a clue what he/she is talking about!
    CSS is a fantastic place with excellent rooms. I just visited this July and will definitely go back. Talked to many who had been to the other sites and without exception they all suggested CSS was the best by far.

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    Default Rooms

    Definitely G block. We were there last week in G4 and the views were amazing! The room itself wasn't anything spectacular but when we were in there we were either lseeping or on the patio so we didn't care about the rest of the room really. It wasn't bad by any means, just not fancy and posh.

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    We were at CSS in March 2010 and while the rooms aren't glitzy they are spacious and comfortable with amazing views out over the ocean, cliffs and property. We couldn't have been happier with G13b, especially the huge veranda. Every evening before dinner we'd enjoy a cocktail on our porch with a lovely vodka/grapefruit drink. I cannot recommend this resort highly enough.

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    Default Bathoom in One bedroom Ocean Suite

    Can someone tell me, in the One Bedroom Ocean Suite what is the bathroom like. Tub and shower together, or are they separate? Jacuzzi tub or not? I'm thinking the Beach Fronts have the jacuzzi only since they are newer. Except for the Penthouse. Thanks!

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    we are staying in one right now and couldn't be more pleased. Shower and nice-sized bath/jacuzzi are separate. We think the shower is quite large for a resort. We are very glad we got the 1 BR Oceanfront. Our view is unbelievable.

    We travel quite a bit and have nothing but positive things to say about CSS so far. Going on day #3 and we are having the most relaxing, romantic vacation ever!

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    We stayed in the one bedroom ocean suite and it had a big walk in shower and two sinks. Sorry, no tub.

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    I think all the rooms are a little different. We have had 2 different rooms in G block and they had separate vanities and walk in showers only no tubs. The bathroom is huge.


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    Thank you all for your response. Before I knew how to retrieve my replies we booked the One Bedroom Ocean View. Only because my husband thought the view would be awesome. We still might change once we arrive the Ocean Fronts do seem awesome I have just read small balconies. But you that are in it or have been seem extremely pleased.

    Thanks again.

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