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    As a typical Brit I need my tea before doing anything in a morning- I know coffee makers are the norm in the States but do the rooms at CSS have a kettle ? Thanks for any answers.

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    Room service begins @ 6 AM and ends @ 11 PM. You can order a kettle of tea whenever you like

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    I don't recall a kettle in the rooms. I think there are a few teabags with the coffee packs for the coffeemakers, so you can just run the water through the machine to heat it up.

    Or, as I did at CSA last year, I just ordered the room-service breakfast, and made sure there was a coffee carafe for the wife, and a carafe of hot water (with a much better selection of teas) for me!

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    We're the same way too (not British, but love tea in the morning). There isn't a kettle in the rooms - just the all-in-one coffee pot in which I suppose you could boil water (although it would just taste like coffee). They do room service all day long, though, at CSA, and you could ask for tea in the mornings. They have tea in the restaurant for breakfast as well.

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    I think they do, but you can always order it to come room service. They start delivering as early as 6AM. Just put the card out before you go to bed.

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    We've made tea in the coffee maker.

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    I have seen an electric kettle inside the bar cabinet. If it was missing you could certainly ask. They are definitely available.

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    Yes, Kettle provided in Beachfront Suite.
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    Is green tea available, or should we bring a bunch?

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