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    How's the shade at the beach at CN? How accessible are the lounges and umbrellas/trees ----are they all taken by 6 a.m.?

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    Plenty of shade on the beach at CN .... Lots of trees (no umbrellas). Never had a problem finding shade without "marking your territory" at first light. If you want an umbrella at the pool, though, those are a little harder to come by but there are also large palm trees around the pool that offer shade.

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    One of the best things about CN beach is its trees. You will always find a place in the shade under these. We have just returned from there. No problem mon. There is a lot for everyone.

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    We have been to CN in summer and in April at almost full capacity and we have never had a problem finding a shady spot on the beach. Lots of trees - so lots of shade - just move your chair to the sahdy spot. That is probably the key - they have lots of chairs so you can move them to make it convenient for you!


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    Two weeks ago I'd run the beach before 6, and there was practically no one there at all. Maybe a watersports guy or two cleaning off the chairs and a groundskeeper raking the sand.

    I saw one spot with "stuff" on it to claim the chairs one day, but in a beach that long and wide, unless you need that particular location, you'll have no issues.
    By 8AM there were 15-20 people on the beach; still plenty of room.

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    I spend my week on the beach so I can't speak for the pool but
    I've never had a problem with finding shade or a beach chair at CN. There is always a tree available for shade on the beach and there always seems to be an abundance of beach chairs and floaties.

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    here are a few pics of the beach at CN from 3 weeks ago. plenty of shade. we never had a problem finding our spot even at 9-10 am.

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