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    Are the iPod players compatible with any MP3 or just iPod? I have a Sanyo with a jillion songs on it but can use my daughters iPod if necessary. I know they have different configurations where they plug in and began wondering. Thanks!

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    My husband brings his MP3 player. Just buy an adapter at Best Buy. They are about $10. It plugs into the ipod docking station.

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    Guess I am behind!! didn't know they made one....hopefully we can use it on the motorcycle too. I miss my music when we ride. Thanks for the heads up!

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    I've been wondering this myself. Thanks Hawgfan! Go Hogs!

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    CN appears to use the 'iPod Docking Spe0.9" LCD display in blue' from Lodginstar if you want to check the specs. It specifically says "Ipod" (not mini, or generic MP3 pplayer, etc) on the instructions.

    We've used a Sanyo that fits the plug port physically at CN but is not recognized. I've been in hotels where the same MP3 player works and others where it doesn't. I don't know if the adapters mentioned will fix compatibility issues.

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    If it has the ipod connector it will work, but if it is not an Ipod, I doubt it will have the right 30 pin connector.

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    I checked to see what type my husband had. It is a Sandisk Sansa. It played fine on the IPOD docket station at CSS, but it would not charge.

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    Mine is a Sandisk Sansa also, Wondered of there is a "line in" port. On the player anywhere (a suggestion of the salesman at Best Buy). If not I will just use my husbands iPod.

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    Yes there is a "line in" port on the back of the player (at CN at least). We haven't tried it though.

    Here is a pic.
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    The iPod docks have an AUX input. You'll need a short cable that you can buy in Radio Shack, Best Buy, wherever, that has a 1/8" STEREO phone plug on both ends. The molded plastic cover on the plugs is normally green. You plug in your MP3 player at the headphone end and from there into the AUX input on the iPod dock in your room.

    This will NOT charge your MP3 player.
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    That is great news!! We leave in the am and I am so excited I couldn't sleep last night! Will make it easier to get to sleep tonight so we can wake at 3am to catch a 6:30 flight. Thanks for the info/pic! Soon come!

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    any male to male cord(that fits headphone jack) will allow ANY device to play in the room radio..just make sure whatever player you bring has it's own charger to plug into wall(or your laptop)..ours charges with usb jack, and we have an ac adaptor to plug it into(actually came with our Kodak dig. camera)
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