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    Default Can we postpone a trip

    I was wondering if anyone has ever postponed a trip and do you loose any money on it. My son is planning on his honeymoon the first week of Sept but his bride may be having surgery before the wedding so they are not sure if going out of the country is a good idea. We are passed the thirty day so don't want to cancel.

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    How did you book your trip? You need to check with them on their policy.

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    Did you not purchase the cancel for any reason trip insurance? You can cancel and rebook when you know your new travel dates.
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    kk in mn Welcome to the family.
    First off, I hope this recent situation can be resolved with great results and recovery is speedy.
    As to the refund. My suggestion would be to contact Randy, our illustrious monitor, for help or direction. I'm sure he can steer you to the right people.

    Let us know how things go if you can. Good luck.


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    Default Postponing Trip

    If you bought the trip cancellation insurance, it should be no problem. We bought it, not knowing how my 84 year old mother-in-law's health would be.

    Fortunately we did not have to use it.

    The day that the final $2000 was due, I got the results of my lung biopsy back (not lung cancer, but not good news either).

    Four weeks before leaving, my mother-in-law fell, hit her head and wound up in the hospital. She got out two weeks later, and I found out that I need to have my aortic valve replaced, soon.

    A week later, we got the results from my PET scan, again not cancer, so more tests to find out what is going on.

    My advise: Unless it is life threatening, go! My wife was did not want to go once the open heart surgery came up. When the PET scan did not indicate cancer, she relented. We had my brother-in-law come out to take care of his mother, and my folks come out to take care of our kids.

    We needed that trip (July 11-17). It did me good to see my wife smile again. Within a week of getting back, my wife's mother was back in the hospital, and we had to take away her driving privileges. I had to see my cardiologist, pulmonologist, immunologist and hematlogist to see if I am healthy enough for the surgery.

    The stresses of our lives were waiting for us when we got home, but it sure did us good to get away from them for a week.

    For the last two years my wife has been telling me that I need to be around for her and the kids. That has been my goal. During the week at Couples, I realized that I want to be around for me too. I'm not done growing old with my wife!

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    As long as they didnt know about the possibility of surgery when they booked the trip, their insurance should cover it.

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    I would just add that trip insurance, especially for those of us with kids, is so worth the money. You just never know what can happen. Two years ago, we were getting ready to leave for Couples when my sister-in-law, who was going to take care of our kids, suddenly got sick and was hospitalized. We're still trying to re-schedule, but at least we weren't out the money. i never go anwhere without cancel-for any-reason insurance.

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    I hope all goes well with the surgery. If you booked directly with Couples, I believe that you can cancel your trip up to 45 day prior to departure without incurring any financial penalty. If you used a travel agent or online booking service, your situation may be slightly different. As other have advised, it's best to contact Couples ASAP and they will assist you.
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    Thanks for the feedback,great news, she doesn't need surgery and her doctors are telling her to go. We had trip insurance on their flight but not couples. Richie, it was great hearing from you, we were with you in April 09 at CTI, Kent and Kris. When is your next trip?

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