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    Default Is Travis still at CN????

    Is it true??? I read on someone's post that Travis was not at CN anymore... This has become a sad, sad day for me. I LOVE Travis, he always made the activities more enjoyable and comical. I will truly miss him my next visit!!!

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    Sorry, Travis from the Entertainment Team is no longer at CN. I think they said he's been gone for a month or more.

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    You will love Boo and Fabian if they are still there. Adorable couple and just a delight

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    Default Travis - gone?

    I also saw the post that stated Travis was gone and thought "oh no"! He made our BINGO games lots of fun and helped make our stay memorable in many ways. I do have a group pic of the activities team from February which includes Travis. I will miss him when we return!

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    From what I understand Travis and Fabian are gone but BooBoo aka Anjelica is still there. There have really been some good ones that come and go over the years BUT it is always matter who is there!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    As of last week the CN entertainment staff was:

    Anjelica (BooBoo)
    Simone (Team Lead)
    Soren (trainee)

    They're all great staff and while Travis may be missed you will surely enjoy their company.

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