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    Default Witnesses for wedding - Sept. 2

    Getting married at Couples Negril at 10:00 on September 2, 2010...also my Birthday! We'll be looking for witnesses once we arrive on Aug. 30...Let us know if you will be around that week.

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    sure wish we could help. Won't be there then though. It is also my birthday - happy birthday and have a wonderful wedding

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    We saw your post. Congratulations! We are getting married on August 28th at home and we will be arriving on August 29th at CN for out honeymoon. We would love to be your witnesses if you still need us. We will be there until Sept 5th so let us know if you want us to help. We actually wanted to get married there but our familes had a fit so we are doing it here.

    Bridgette & Jason

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    I don't think you'll have any trouble finding witnesses. When my brother and sister-in-law were married on the beach 15 years ago, they happened to meet a couple on the plane who were coincidentally going to the same resort. Guess who their witnesses were. I'm sure you'll find someone willing to take on the responsibility.

    Quote Originally Posted by unacorny View Post
    We actually wanted to get married there but our familes had a fit so we are doing it here.
    I just had to chuckle here. We are already telling our 10 year old daughter that when she gets married she should do it at Couples. If she gets married at CSA, we'll stay at CN (or vice versa...same goes for the Ochi resorts). We'll be there for the wedding but wouldn't want to intrude on their honeymoon.

    After all, we're probably going to be the ones paying for it. Our opinion should count for something. Any excuse to get back "home".
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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