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    Default What exactly is a repeat guest dinner?

    I am a little confused, can someone explain it to me. thanx

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    When you previously stayed at any Couples resort you are considered a repeat stay guest. You are invited to the repeat stay dinner. The repeat stay dinner is like a private banquet attended by Couples management at all the repeat stay guests. It is a special dinner with a really special menu. Everyone attending recognized and gifts and prizes are given out. It is a very enjoyable event not to be missed
    By the way it is a dress up function, the dress code is the same as it is for the fancy restaurant at any of the resorts.

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    a dinner for repeat Couples guests

    So you would qualify and be invited to attend on your 2nd trip to a Couples resorts (your repeat visit) as long as you are a registered Romance Rewards member.

    Simple as that

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    No one takes care of their repeat guests like Couples! On your second and there after trips "home" you will be invited to a dinner that is out of this world! At CN it is on Monday night. They close the fancy restaurant and serve you lobster and steak. One trip was out of lobster season for us and we were served amazing shrimp instead. They have the best wait staff on duty and they are right there as soon as your drink is half gone. It is a formal 4+ course meal. After dessert they give you chocolates that are to die for! I love Couples for 100 reasons but the dinner is in the top 3!

    Just make sure you register for Romance Rewards.

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    Karenmanny, I believe it is a special dinner held for return (or repeat guest) only. All registered Romance Rewards repeaters will receive a invite for the dinner. I believe it is usually held on a Monday, but I might be wrong. My hubbie and I will attend our first repeaters dinner in November when we return home to CSA. Hope this helps!

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    We will be repeaters in 107 days....I cannot wait!!! The chance to enjoy a delicious meal with the staff is a fantastic idea; what a great way to get to know them on a more personal level.

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    The repeat stay dinner @ CSS is in the main conference room on Thursday nights right after the Managers cocktail party

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    On our second visit to CSA, my wife and I received the invitation to the repeaters' dinner. At first, we thought that we would just skip it because it would be a cheeseball event attended by a bunch of dorks. (Yes, admittedly, not a positive attitude, mon.)

    But we went anyway, and we had a blast. We are both in our early 30s, and we sat at a table with three couples from Wales in their 60s and one of the resort directors. Good wine flowed freely, and we laughed hysterically for a few hours (admittedly, we probably lucked out with our table mates). The food was wonderful -- steak from cattle raised right on Jamaica and lots of local ingredients in everything else. The repeaters' dinner was a pleasant surprise, and we will definitely go when we hit CSS in October.

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    Does anyone know if there are certain dietary restrictions (glueten free, no red meat/pork, butter, cream etc... for me) that we would have to let someone know about prior to the repeat guests dinner? Or would we just tell the staff when we got to the dinner? We have 45 days, 15 hours and 33 minutes before we arrive - counting every second! Thanks

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    We just got back from CN 1.5 weeks ago and didn't register for Romance Rewards. I was sure what it was. Does this have to be done when you book your trip?? I guess we won't get credit for this trip then, right?

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    The Repeaters dinner is held on different nights at the different resorts. It is held on Mondays at CSA, and Thursdays at CSS. At CSA, they have a one-hour special cocktail reception before the dinner at Patois Patio. I have never seen so many upscale brands of vodka on ice as I saw at this reception this past January (Grey Goose, Rain, etc.).

    We had surf and turf at both CSA and CSS for the Repeaters Dinner. It does tend to be a longish event, just so you are prepared (a couple of hours). But it is a nice opportunity to sit with other guests and to get to meet the management staff.

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