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    Default How many suitcases?

    My fiance and I are going to css for 10 days and are getting married on the resort, just the two of us. We have 3 suitcases and a carry-on. It seems like so many bags. Were each allowed 2 checked and a carry on for the plane so no worries there. The bags are not completely packed because I want room for souvenirs. I guess my thinking is I'd rather have more bags then pay over weight fees. Guess this is a funny question but how many suitcases do you normally take?

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    Well, we have a big suitcase, a big duffel bag, and a small-ish duffel bag that we check.

    Then I carry on a large purse and my yoga bag, and DH carries his laptop backpack (with Netbook) and his racquetball bag.

    I guess you could say we overpack. LOL.

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    Each trip we get a little better and more efficient. We have now done it the same way the last two times and it's worked great.

    I think you're taking too many bags, I say that because I think you're probably taking too many clothes. Really... you will not need that many clothes.

    Just lots of bathing suits, maybe one day outfit of shorts and a shirt... and then a couple evening outfits... that's it. You can alternate your evening outfits instead of wearing a new one each nite.

    So with that said... we only pack one suitcase with all of our stuff... as I said above, we've learned not to take more than a few bathing suits, each one day outfit, and a couple nite outfits each.

    Then we carry on one backpack bag with our personal essentials (passports, cash, cameras, journal/pen, travel documents)

    We always ck our suitcase, and so all we take on the plane is a little backpack... which hubby carries. So we're light and easy.

    Try to go back and re-think your items you're packing... then cut it in half. Trust me on this... you'll not wear over half of what you've taken.

    Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babygurlkt View Post
    . . . . [H]ow many suitcases do you normally take?
    We travel with carry-on luggage only. We pack two small bags that fit under the seats in front of us, and I also carry a tote bag. You really need far less than you think.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    1 and a small carry on if that counts.

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    1 suitcase each, 1 carry on each. What takes up most of our space is Sunscreen. As stated you really don't need that many clothes. We get up, throw on suites, hubby puts on a shirt, I put on a cover up and head to breakfast. Then after beach/pool time, we get our dinner clothes on. I took an extra pair of shorts and shirt this year and I never wore them. I also took two work out shorts and 4 work out shirts and I used those.

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    My wife and I will be taking 3 suitcases and a carry on for the fortnight we will be travelling out. Depends what you want but I want plenty of space on the way back for rum and then I can top up when i get to the airport. Some othere momentos may sneak in as well.

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    We took way too much last year,This year we are going light, 1 large and 1 small,( with a empty duffel bag in one , for the things we buy) then a small carry on each. We are going for 14 days as well and are getting married @ CSA ,I'm sure we will still over pack LoL,

    You wil love CSS we were ther last year .

    BRING MORE BATHING SUITS, LOL you will need them.

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    My hubby and I each took one large suitcase and one carry on (book to read, passports, cameras, and hubbys labtop). We put a duffel in one of the suitcases for the trip home. You definitely do not want to be overweight! We did have to pack our snorkles and fins which take up a lot of room. I saw a ton of people who had 2 suitcases each. Take lots of sunscreen and congrats on the wedding!!

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    We take 2 suitcases & we only take 1 carry-on that we share .... In the carry-on I make sure to have swimwear for both of us with cover-ups & 2 shirts, 2 days worth of undies, & a pair of shorts for each of us just in case of lost luggage, we will have something. Another thing we do just in case of lost luggage is don't just have a his suitcase & a hers suitcase ...... I make sure that we each have outfits & shoes & undies in both suitcases ..... that way if one bag goes missing we both have clothes. We use our beach bag for a carry-on on the way back if we need extra space. We did last trip because we were carrying rum home that caused our bags to both be overweight so I just grabbed the beach bag out, threw our shoes all in there & carried it on since we're both allowed a carry-on & we only had 1.

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    10 days might be tough, but we did 7 with carry-ons only last year, and it was great! If you can cut down, do it. You don't need to bring much to sit on the beach and relax!

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    We take one carry-on each for up to 10 days at CN. So what do we bring?

    Me: 3 bathing suits, 1 cover up, 3 pr shorts and 4-5 T-tops, 1 dress, 1 pr slacks, beach shoes, dress sandals. I wear a pair of pants, polo shirt, and athletic shoes.

    DH: 2 bathing suits, 3 shorts, 2 T-shirts, 2 polo shirts, 1 "dress" (cotton S/S, collared shirts), 1 pr slacks, beach shoes, dress shoes. He wears another pair of pants, dress shirt and athletic shoes.

    In our case, we spend most of the day on the beach or at the pool, so only wear our shorts, slacks, etc. in the evening. Thus, we can wear things more than one day b/c they're only on for a couple of hours. We typically go to Otaheite 2x and wear the same thing both nights (it's only a couple of hours).

    I bring my Kindle (no more books!), cosmetics, etc. in my large purse. The one drawback is that we have to buy suntan lotion but, in the vast scheme of things, a small price to pay for not having to wait for our bags and risk losing them.

    We used to bring SO much stuff and ended up carting most of it home unworn. Obviously, if you're getting married or just want to have an excuse to wear a lot of your favorite clothes, you may need a larger bag or two!

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