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    Default 2011 Fair Warning! Only two days left to save the most AND get $500 resort credit

    Greetings to all:

    So here's the deal -

    - If you have not already booked your 2011 vacation at Couples Resorts...

    - If you've booked one 2011 vacation but know you will want to stay with us a second time in 2011...

    - If you are waiting to convince your friends to travel with you in 2011...

    - If you haven't decided yet what to get your Dad/husband for Father's Day (BTW - June 20)

    - If you need an excuse to put down the remote control...

    - If you've had an argument and are looking to ensure great "makeup sex" (ok maybe a stretch here)


    Book your 2011 Couples Resorts vacation by June 30, 2010!!!

    Here's what will happen if you don't:

    - Rates are increasing at all resorts in most categories and travel periods from 3 - 5%.

    - The $500 resort credit for paid stays of 7 nights or longer will no longer be offered.

    - Your friends will be P.O.'d that you didn't tell them to book by June 30.

    - You'll still be wondering what to get Dad/husband for Father's Day.

    - Your cable company will mysteriously cancel your service.

    - Make-up Sex is unlikely - or at least not guaranteed :-)

    Remember our Love Away Plan. A deposit of only $100 guarantees your rate and resort credits. Don't wait! Book your 2011 Couples Resort Vacation by June 30.

    Don't say I didn't tell you...
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    Couples Resorts

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    Hey Randy, we've already booked both our trips for 2011. When are the 2012 specials going to get underway?
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    well then I guess every body "must" book there trip now just for the "makeup sex" lol

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    A mixed message -- this would indicate that the trigger date (deadline date) is June 30, yet another post indicates June 1... What is the correct date??

    Having already booked, if you find that you must change your dates a little (still within the same time bracket), do you lose the $500 credit and are subject to the higher rate (if prior to 45 days)??


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    we booked today for 2011. very happy to restart the countdown clock. as for makeup sex i absolutely refuse to wear any makeup anytime....


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    winlove, June 1 is the deadline for 2010 Travel. June 30 is for 2011. The answer to rebooking question depends on how you booked and whether or not you booked flights as well. If you booked hotel only directly with us, then you are able to change your booking up to 45 days prior to arrival - ie before final payment is due - without penalty.

    Randy - LOL

    Couples Resorts

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    We have been to Negril twice and have become friends with a couple of your staff members. We would really like to try the Swept Away location, but want to spend some time at Negril to see our friends too. Can we book 3-4 nights at one location and 3-4 night at the other and still get the deal? Is there anything extra that we need to do to make that happen? Thanks so much!

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    You will still take advantage of the lower rates, however the $500 resort credit is based on a minimum stay of 7 nights at an individual resort.

    Couples Resorts

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    Oh and BTW - Fawnridge: 2012 rates will be the same as 2011 until such time that we officially announce 2012 (usually around February). That means you can get the same rate now for 2012. Call us at 800 COUPLES.

    Couples Resorts

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    *strange question* Let's say I book hotel only so I can take advantage of this offer, is there anyway I can change the booking to include flight? I know it may be a little strange..LOL but I don't want to miss out and I am still trying to convince my friends..

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    Yes, you may book hotel only and change to flight and hotel as long as you do so no later than 45 days prior to arrival.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post

    Yes, you may book hotel only and change to flight and hotel as long as you do so no later than 45 days prior to arrival.
    ...without losing your $500 hotel credit or 2011 rates? We booked hotel only because June 2011 flights aren't out yet, and by the time they are the 2011 special will be over. So are you saying we could go back and change to flight plus hotel once the flight info comes out for next year?

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    Default Help - Please


    I cannot find the Love Away Plan you talk of. Can you please send me the link?


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    Default Booking for April 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Oh and BTW - Fawnridge: 2012 rates will be the same as 2011 until such time that we officially announce 2012 (usually around February). That means you can get the same rate now for 2012. Call us at 800 COUPLES.
    Hi Randymon,

    Does a 2012 booking come with the $500 resort credit if we book now?

    Can I assume the spring rates will drop the week before easter 2012?


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    Randymon, If you book 2012 now do you get the $500 resort credit?

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    Yes, Aslynn, your rate and credits are protected.

    RE: 2012, we have not yet decided whether or not we will be offering the $500 resort credit in 2012. So for now, just the rate will be protected.

    Ace234life - proceed with the booking on our booking engine. When it comes to the point of making a deposit, the Love Away plan is one of the options.

    Couples Resorts

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    On it!
    Sal's calling our TA today! Thanks for the 'nudge' Randymon. I'm happy to report Sal's (the husband ) decided we need 2 trips to CSA in 2011.
    Razzl's doing the Happy Dance!! xoxoxox

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    We are looking to come back in 2011 with some friends. Just to be clear if we book a 7 day vacation before June 30, we can adjust the date based on work schedules (our friends are in law enforcement) and not lose the $500 credit. We book hotel only through Couples.

    Thanks for the clarification

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    Depending on the dates that you may be changing to, your rate may be higher but the credits will remain in place as long as you stay 7 nights or more.

    Couples Resorts

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    If you book at one resort, can you change your reservation to another resort and not lose the $500 credit?

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    Booking one resort and changing to another will likely be considered a cancellation and rebooking. You will pay the current rate at the time of the change and - if the change is made after June 30 - you will lose the $500 credit.

    Couples Resorts

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    When you make your reservation do you have to do anything special to get the $500 resort credit? Can you get the credit if you book through Delta Vacations or do you have to book through Couples website? We are already booked for this November through Delta Vacations. Thanks

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    We are booked for our fourth visit to CSA in January 2011!!! Now the countdown begins.

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    Hi Randymon,
    How do I get the resort credit applied when I book through my Travel Agent?
    Thanks, Karon

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    We are booked for our 7th visit in May of next year, YAY US!!!!

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