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    Default Rum Punch Recipe Question

    I searched this MB and found a recipe for Rum Punch but I have a question about one of the ingredients. It calls for 1/2 bottle of bitters? I have no clue what bitters are or where to begin to look for them!

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    You will find bitters in most supermarkets that have a "drink mixers" the wine a lot of times...Angostura bitters is the most common brand...if you have a section that sells margarita salt,grenadine, rose's lime juice, cocktail olives,drink umbrellas, will see the bitters in a bottle similar to a worchestershire sauce bottle.
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    Brackenmom - you're not from Wisconsin, are you! No way to make a good brandy old fashion without the bitters!!

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    My recipe for Rum Punch does not have bitters. Blend a 1/2 can of frozen pinapple/orange juice concentrate, a 1/2 can of lemonade concentrate, 1/4 cup grenadine, 1- 2 cups Appleton rum to taste [can substitute dark rum but leave the white stuff on the shelf] and 1/2 cup of water. Serve over ice and enjoy.

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    I am a bartender and would definitely not use bitters in a rum punch, especially 1/2 bottle. I think all bartenders have their own version of a rum punch. I like to use a rum like Appletons along with Malibu (coconut rum). Then a combination of juices and some grenadine. Some like to add Meyer's but I find the flavor too strong.

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    We just left Swept Away and I asked the Catamaran crew how they made their rum punch, well he didn't show me he made me make it. Equal parts of REAL orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and rum. If you don't like cranberry you can substitute strawberry or for that matter any juice. It was simple. He said trick was REAL juice. Cat crew company is the same for all resorts.

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