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    Default Resort Credits....(sings) Baby come back!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else out there holding out for a little bit of the resort credits before booking? We are! Randymon, how bout 250.00 instead of the 500.00, something would be better than nothing. Other all inclusives are throwing in some resort credits, just 200.00 but better than none. I am looking to spend my 30th birthday somewhere other than at my house, but must get a super deal. I want some massages Randmon, c'mon. Maybe a Wednesday special where resorts credits make a reappearance??????? We are repeaters and want to give CTI a whirl.

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    I think they will on a Wednesday special sometime.

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    Actually Randymon just did put the credit on the Wednesday special just a couple of weeks ago.

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    Dag-gone I must have missed it. I want to travel mid October 2009 to CTI, so maybe Randy will throw out some good last minute special with the resort credits again here soon.

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