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    Default Couple's Rewards for loyal guests - how do we sign up

    My husband and I stayed at CSA last year and are thinking of a second visit in the near future. How do we sign up for the rewards program? There was no mention of it on the resort and we haven't had contact from Couples since we left. We have signed up with other chains and normally they prompt you with a email, mailer or something.


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    Follow this link to the Romance Rewards Sign-up Page:

    Click on "Click Here" and when the form comes up, click "Not Registered Yet? Click here to sign up now." You will be prompted to supply information and once your set-up is complete, you will be assigned a Romance Rewards number. Your previous nights of stay should be credited to your account within 30 days, but if they aren't, simply send Couples an email (via the "Contact and Help" link on the Romance Rewards page) with your name, RR# and previous dates of stay and ask that they be credited.

    Hope this helps!

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    I get an error when I try to sign up
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    Use the Contact/Help link on the RR webpage and let them know what is occurring. They should be able to correct the problem for you.

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