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    Default January 2011

    Is their anyone else out there who are going to CTI in January 2011? I couldn't find any other threads here for this timeframe so here I go

    My husband & I are going January 15-22 for the first time to Jamaica and will be renewing our vows and I can hardly wait!!!!

    I'm looking forward to meeting other couples going!


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    We are! My fiance and I leave for CTI January 4th, and we get married January 7th. We will be there got 11 days, leaving on January 15th. Looks like we'll just be missing each other we are SO SO SOOOO excited!!!


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    Congratulations on your wedding! I can appreciate your excitement, our trip will be a renewal of our vows and I am as excited as I was when we got married on the beach in Florida almost 5 years ago!

    I'm sorry to hear we will be missing you but I'm hopeful we will meet other couples on this board before we leave.

    Happy planning and safe travels.


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    Default 1st time

    We'll be there 1/14/11 thru 1/23/11! Our first time in Jamaica and AN, too. I'm trying to pace my excitement because it seems so long from now! [Must stay focused. Must keep going to work until then.] Nevertheless ...!

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    We're getting married on New Years Eve so we'll be there on our honeymoon from 01/02 through 01/12. SO excited!!! Neither of us has been on vacation in 10+ years and we've never been on vacation together. It will be our first time trying AN as well

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    Warren & Carolyn from Virginia will be there Jan 14-22 for our eighth trip to CTI in January. The hotel anniversary is always the week that includes Jan 20 and there are lots of repeat guests there.

    The charity benefit golf tournament is January 16th and it is a great event that supports the boys home, a school, and some medical facilities. For about $125 US you get a round of golf, rented clubs, a mandatory caddie ($20-$25 US tip)food, drink, and a raffle of nice gifts.

    For the first timers, you have selected a great resort and we look forward to seeing everyone. Get ready to be pampered.

    Soon Come,


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    Warren & Carolyn,

    You've just helped me become more excited

    We look forward to our vow renewals as well as experiencing the reason you continue going back!

    I look forward to meeting more couples before we go!


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    My wife and I will be at CSS during that same time, but we will almost certainly head over to visit CTI using the Trading Places program. It's fun to see the other resort, since they're so different! We're flying Delta airlines out of Minneapolis, so if you are on the same flight, we might run into you.


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    We are also flying out on Delta from MSP. What time are you leaving, connection through Atlanta?


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    We leave MSP at 9:25, but we're on a nonstop flight to Montego Bay. Sounds like we'll have to wait to meet you at CTI, or at CSS if you come to check it out, which I highly recommend! I'm pretty sure we met Warren and Carolyn last year when we visited CTI. You might want to keep away from them...they're trouble! (Just kidding!) I've never met anyone at Couples that I didn't like. I'm counting the days--138 to go.


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    Default Going to CTI 21 - 31 Jan

    Hi Everyone
    Jen and I are going to CTI the 21st thru the 31st. We have been to Jamacia, but it was only a one day stay on a cruise. Jen's parents went to CTI (before it was renivated) back in Jul 06. They loved it, except for the lighting storms at night LOL
    Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time.
    See you soon
    Scott & Jen

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    Default CTI January 15-22

    We will be coming home January 15-22, 2011, and I can not wait. This will be our 4th trip to Jamaica and our second to a Couples resort (last time CN). We love Jamaica so much we are "draggin" along 6 of our friends, so we will be a group of 8 at CTI this week! I am so excited and can not wait to meet everyone.

    Congratulations to those of you getting married while in Jamaica. We were married in Jamaica and it was beautiful - 14 years ago!


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    Default jayjaysun to homesick Lisa

    I've posted this shout-out on the main and meet-up boards for CTI:

    Our last meet-up was at Couples Negril in 12/09. Swim Up bar was a blast! Many honey-mooners and a large group who were there for Opa and Oma's 50th anniversary. Some of us were ANers, some Pool Slugs and some Beach Bums. Somebody has the group photo. Just let me know the price for ALL the negatives!
    This time DH and numerous Easter Shore Virginia/Maryland friends are going to Tower Isle for the first time. Love to meet all of y'all! We live in Southern California (which is pretty hard to leave for a tropical vacation, even in January!)
    Let's agree on a time and a place to say howdy while you/we are at Tower Isle! Judy

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    Just Booked Jan 15-22. Third time to Couples. Married at SA Jan 1999.Ten year anniversary at CN Jan 2009. This will be our first time to the Ocho Rios side. So looking forward to it.
    Gary and Sheri.

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    Donna and David Jan 26 - 31 then on to CSS Jan 31-Feb 6. Yahoo.....

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    First time visit for us Jan 13-17th. Looking forward to the warm waters during the winter months.

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    Default January 8th - 14th

    My fiance and I will be arriving at CTI on 1/8/11 and getting married 1/11/11 :-) This is our first time in Jamaica and we are sooo excited!

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    My husband and I will be arriving the day after you to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It's my first trip to Jamaica, his second but our first trip anywhere tropical together. We can't wait. Congratulations on your wedding. Maybe we'll see you there.

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    Sounds great! :-)

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    Default A Message Board Meet up

    How about a message board meet up at Couples Tower Isle, on Tuesday, January 18, at the swim up bar at 10:30 am?

    Who can be there? I will bring as many of my crew of eight going that are available at that time...

    Homesick Lisa
    Couplicious Vacation crew from Ohio

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    Jan 3-10
    3rd time to Jamaica
    2nd time to Couples, our first was Negril last year
    We are hooked for life!

    Adam and Ashley from Iowa

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    We are going for our first time Jan 17-24. Looking forward to meeting new friends. We are from Ontario. What day are you renewing your vows?

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    Default Vow Renewal

    We are renewing our vows on January 20th at 4pm, all are welcome (and would love some help getting pictures taken by any bystanders .

    We are so excited for this, our first trip to Jamaica and meeting new friends! We arrive on Sunday January 16th.

    See everyone there!

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    Hi everyone. I am visiting with my wife (Shilpa) on 15th Jan for 6 nights and then another week at Secrets. Coming from London. Hope to meet you.

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