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    Default Secret Rendevouz (sp?) resort question

    We got a pretty great deal from our travel agent on a veranda room at CSS (we HAVE to have a balcony to sit on, but could care less about the sitting area inside the room). The Secret Rendevouz for Sept comes to be about $60 per person higher than what she quoted us. It would only be worth it to us if there was a good chance that we'd get to go to one of the Negril resorts. so my question is:
    ---what is the chance that one would get a Negril resort for SR? I can imagine it is pretty low, considering those are more expensive usually.

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    Why risk not having the resort or amenities you desire. It's not worth the money saved and to be disappointed with where you land by chance. If you want to go to a Negril resort just choose the one that appeals most to you and book it. A few extra dollars but it comes with a week of joy!

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    I wouldn't change as it seems it is more likely that you will either be at CTI or CSS, both excellent resorts.

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    excellent, just what i needed, thank you!

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