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    Default Do Atriums have the Mini Bar now?

    I read that the Atrium rooms are all getting mini bars and that they are due to be in place in July. Does anyone know if the mini bars are in the rooms yet?

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    We were just there in June and they were just starting to add them in so it depends on when you are travelling. They said they hope to have them all in by the end of summer or so..Jamaican time of course lol...

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    They weren't in yet in late May. Soon come, we were told. I suspect it may be in July or August, as there is a lot going on, with refurbishing of the original Garden Suites (minibars and tvs) along with the Atrium upgrades.

    I can say this much... we just booked early this week for October of 2011 (Early Booking Bonus), and are paying LESS than we did for this last May... great deal!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks for quick answers! We leave in less than two weeks so we'll be pleasantly surprised if there's a mini bar.
    Chris...Great Price!!

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    We will be there 8/14 for my daughter's wedding, so I hope they are done by then!!

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    Has anyone been to CSA lately that can tell us that all of the Atriums now have a mini bar???

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    We are at CSA right now and we're in an Atrium room. We do have a mini-bar set up and the fridge is working,'s not stocked. We have received a couple of different answers about when the bars will be stocked and the most frequent answer is that they will be stocked within two months. All the bars have to be built before they can be stocked. This is not set in's the answer we were given when we asked if our bar could be stocked.
    On a very positive note...the bathroom is wonderful! The bathtub is gone and in its place is a walk in shower stall. The sink and
    and vanity are new and the whole bathroom is newly tiled! It looks GREAT!Plus, the bathroom door isn't slotted anymore. The slots are there on the outside, but in the bathroom the slots are covered up by a full length mirror.
    It even gets better...I'm sitting on the porch writing this as the whole place is now WIFI free!!

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