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    Default Do we need aqua socks to walk in ocean

    My husband and I are leaving Tuesday morning for CSA. We have never been to the islands and we are wondering if we need aqua socks to walk around in the ocean. If anyone has any last minute advice on what to take or do please tell!! Thanks so excited cant wait.

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    Never leave home with out them.

    FYI ( For Your Info)
    There are some nice aqua running shoes @ Canadian Tire, If you from Canada LOL ,There are the best .There great for off site tours, were you will be walking and going into water.

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    No. I spend most of my time walking around the beach and resort during the day barefoot. Just soft sand between the toes

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    I don't know about CSA, but at CN the beach is absolutely beautiful; the water is crystal clear and there is no need for water shoes....if you are planning to visit one of the many beautiful falls (ie. YS or Dunnes River), you will need them for there.

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    Definitely not. The beach is wonderfully sandy and comfy. I am so jealous! We returned from our 1st trip in June and I can't get CSA off the brain! Have a great time

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    If you are just walking the beach at the resort, no. The sand is soft and beautiful. If you are planning on going to YS Falls or the Mayfield Falls tour YES!!

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    negril has one of the top 20 beaches in the world no water shoes required
    on either long or bloody bay

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    Default You won't need 'em

    Personally, I think you would look a bit nuts wearing aquasocks at CSA. The sand on the beach and underwater is pretty much as barefoot friendly as it will ever get.

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    I agree 100% with Custer! While Ive never been to CSA, I have been to CN and they're actually both on the same beach strip. So, I can definitely say that there is no need for water shoes, the water there was absolutely will not have to worry about stepping on any unknown objects...its like pool water!! I was amazed!! Can't wait to go back!! Have fun!!!!

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    Just Bare Feet!!! The sand is soft as a cloud, and while there may be a few shells/rocks in the water, you can see them no problem, the water is so clear!

    Have a blast!!

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    A little late but for the future questions. I would say no. I did take my shoes I kayak in down for going out in the dive boat and on the the snorkel boat. They were nice for walking around in as well. I would never buy the slip on shoes again.

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    CSA has the clearest, most walkable water!!! Not rocky or anything like that. YOu can be barefoot your entire trip

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    There are a few large painful rocks over by the boats but you only walk over there when you are going to get on a boat. The water is clear so you can see them if you are looking.

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