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    Default night snorkel at CSA

    I read that there was a night snorkel at CSA. Do they still offer that? If you tried it, what kinds of things did you see? What time of night did the tour start?

    This sounds like a lot of fun.

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    I did the night snorkel 2 years ago and it was awesome. We got to see so much more wildlife. The basket starfish were really cool. As long as we had at least 4 people they said we were going. It was 35 per when I did it but well worth it.

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    That sounds great. We'll ask about signing up when we get there. I hope we can find 2 more people!

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    I really wanted to go but I was too chicken. lol
    The ocean looks so much bigger and scarier when it is dark! Maybe next time. We are going in Oct so maybe I can work up the courage.

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    I thought a night snorkel would be a good way to find out if we wanted to try a night dive. Did everyone have a flashlight? Was there a guide to point things out?

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    We did the night snorkel at CSA. We left right at sunset, and, as luck would have it, an enormous full moon was rising over the Sea at the same time. It was a memory of a lifetime. The trip lasts about an hour. They give each participant a large flashlight, and there is a guide to show you around. We saw several large lobsters, which we never saw during the day.

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    We did this in Dec '08 and it was by far the neatest thing we have ever done. We plan on doing it again when we return in March.

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